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Bus Transportation Ministry:
Sanctuary Christian Ministries owns buses that picks up people who are without transport for activities. One of the buses has a wheelchair lift in it. With the sudden rise in fuel costs, our ability to run all the buses is prohibitive. Although we have streamlined the bus routes as much as possible, approximately 500 kms is travelled each week using the vehicles.
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Snow Trips for 2006:
Trip One (from 26-29 April, 2006) has been completed and it was a 3:00am start from Adelaide on Wednesday to try and reach the snow at Mt Buller before dark. We watched Bible DVDs (on the in-bus 19" TV) for most of the way. At Bendigo we bought some more snowboarding gear and we did another check of the snow cams [take a look] to make sure we went to the best place for snowboarding. At the time, Mt Buller had 30cm of snow and both Falls Creek and Mt Hotham had 40cm of snow. We arrived at Mt Buller after dark, but there were some small slopes lit by street lights to give us a couple of hours snowboarding. We went back to the Mansfield caravan park to sleep and use all the heaters we could find to warm up. At 7:30am on Thursday we were back at Mt Buller snowboarding on some small slopes to get some practice in before hitting the big slopes. By 1:30pm we were ready for the big slopes, but no ski lifts were operating. So we found one slope that had a temporary service road going all the way to the top - this meant that we could drive the bus to the top, everyone could get out and snowboard to the bottom whilst Pastor Neil Aitchison drove to the bottom to pick everyone up and take them back to the top for the next run. We did this 5 times with only a few minor snowboarding injuries incurred. We decided to go to Mt Hotham where there was even more snow on the ground. Whilst we were in transit, we watched Bible DVDs on the in-bus TV for most of the way. As we were passing Mt Buffalo, we decided to got to the top but there were only small areas of snow on flat ground to snowboard on. Hence, we did only one short snowboard run being towed behind the bus by a rope. We arrived at Mt Hotham at midnight after a little bit of slipping and sliding on the way up due to ice on the road.....nothing dangerous though. Seeing as it was a full moon with no wind or fog, we decided to do some night-time snowboarding down a long, gentle slope with plenty of snow. It was a snowboarder's dream and what an experience!!!! After a few runs, we were very, very cold and had to stop (it was approximately minus 5 degrees celcius). However, we had to travel down the mountain at a slow pace because the windscreen had iced up and with sections of fog and ice on the road, it was difficult to stay on the road. We arrived at a camping ground to sleep and we lit a small fire to warm up. After only an hour or so of sleep, it was daylight again and time to go back up to the top of Mt Hotham. We found magnificent slopes with plenty of snow to snowboard on and just the right gradient for our minimal expertise. With no wind or fog and a near cloudless sky, it was ideal for being on the slopes ("thankyou God"). By 12 midday, we had run out of time to snowboard any more and had to head back to Adelaide. We watched more Bible DVDs on the way home, as well as the video footage of our snowboarding extravaganza. One the way back to Adelaide, we stopped to help a family who's car had a flat tyre [see newspaper article]. We also had a slight mishap on the way home by accidentally hitting a kangaroo. The poor roo died and the bus had a damaged bullbar, skewed out left headlight and dented front panel. The wipers got stuck as well which made it a bit hard to see the road when it rained. We travelled through the night and arrived back in Adelaide early on Saturday morning. By watching all the Bible DVDs during the travelling time, we effectively had over 16 hours of Bible study for the whole trip.
Trip Two (from 12-14 June, 2006) has been completed. There was hardly any snow at Falls Creek and so we travelled to Mt Hotham which had a light dusting of snow. This was not a problem seeing as there were only adults on the trip none of which had been to the snow (except for me) and so we didn't go snowboarding or skiing - just a quiet, relaxing time sightseeing with the incredible experience of breathing the fresh alpine air and looking at the alpine countryside. Needless to say, we consumed plenty of hot, gourmet coffees. It was very enjoyable.
Trip Three (from 17-22 July, 2006) has been completed. We had a full bus load of people going to Mt Selwyn in NSW [see picture]. We had already purchased all the snow gear, including 11 snowboards and 1 kids pair of skis, so we didn't have to hire anything. The only cost was food, fuel for the bus and the ski lift passes. We had no mishaps on the way over to Wagga Wagga and arrived there on the Monday afternoon to stay at the Independent Baptist Church. David and Helen Talbot were wonderful hosts!! After a good night's rest, we were up at 4:30am on Tuesday to travel to Mt Selwyn and we arrived there just as the ski lifts were starting up. There were two snow runs open (with artificial snow) and this was fine because most of the people on the trip were first-time users on snowboards. The whole day was learning to put the snowboards on properly, get balance on the boards, do some basic turning and stopping, and learning how to get on and off the chair lift. There was lots of falling over, crashing into each other and laughing all day long - with some snowball fights mixed in. (continued next page)

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