Sanctuary Shop

The Sanctuary Shop webpage is still under construction and will be here very soon. Below is information about the Sanctuary Shop located at 201 Waymouth Street in the Adelaide CBD, South Australia.

Sanctuary Surfers - Weekly surf trips and tour booking centre.

Sanctuary Snow Trips - Trips to the snow (during winter) and we also run Mount Hotham Church [more info].

Sanctuary Safaris - Weekly safaris and adventure trips. We have daily trips around Adelaide and week-long trips around Australia.

Sanctuary Skydiving - Feel closer to heaven by skydiving with us.

Sanctuary Stargazing - God's universe is awesome and you can see it on our stargazing night.

Sanctuary Christian T-Shirts - 100's of Christian Ts for all ages and sizes (we have our own screen printer to print our own t-shirts).

Sanctuary Mobile Open-Air Stage Trailer - Available for free use to preach the Christian Bible message.

Sanctuary Cinema and Cafe Lounge - Come in to watch a movie or relax.....bring your friends. FREE ADMISSION.

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Sanctuary Christian Ministries runs a "Sanctuary Shop" where we are selling surfboards, snowboards, Christian t-shirts and beach volleyball items. The shop has space at the back for a meeting place (ie. lounge chairs, tables, beanbags, large screen TV, wall projector, tea/coffee/drinks/food, etc) so that we can invite people back there during the outreach sessions we do every night (see street preaching page). The Adelaide CBD is a very popular place for people to go and so there are lots of people to witness to. We get people to come and chat about God in our shop - this includes using the wall projector to run cinema-style Christian movies. Out the back in the alleyway, we have a street gym for urban workouts (see street gym page). Our open-air stage trailer is available for free use to any person/church/organisation wanting to preach the Christian Bible message at any open-air venue (eg, parklands, stalls, conferences, beach, etc). Also available are 120 outdoor chairs, 5 marquees and two BBQs to create a carnival setting (see open-air stage trailer).

Plus, we hold our weekly Thursday Night Bible Study meeting there and we invite people from off the street to join in the study. Another advantage is that it is directly opposite a very popular Christian bookstore and lots of people come over to "check us out". The shop is a a pick-up and drop-off spot for both the surfing trips (see surfing page), camping trips, skydiving (see skydiving page), stargazing (see stargazing page) and for our Sunday morning church service seeing as we have three church buses available. Apart from the people we arrange to meet for these trips, there are backpacker hostels nearby and we might get backpackers to "kill some time" by going with us surfing and on adventure safari trips (see safaris page), or most importantly, attending church meetings in the cafe lounge. Our buses have DVD screens in them to play Bible movies during transit.

We believe that with the interest we are getting in the Sanctuary Shop, we could easily have the shop open from 9am up until 11pm, Monday to Saturday (....with outreach through-out the week and on Sunday arvo till late each night). There is also an international "world-pro" beach volleyball tournament being held at Glenelg in summertime. This means lots of outreach potential and lots of people to meet. Also, we will have 6-7 trips to the snow this winter to go snowboarding (see snow page).

So.....we would appreciate your support and prayers for this ministry.

Not everyone likes us: here is a newspaper article written up on Sanctuary Shop by "The Advertiser" Newspaper (see the article here and responses to the article).

Wall mural in T-shirt section of shop