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T-Shirt and Hoodie Sales[t-shirt ad]
We have an extensive supply of Christian t-shirts and hoodies for sale in all shapes, colours and sizes. There are 100's of different designs for you to choose from. If you need another t-shirt, then why not promote God's message by buying a Christian t-shirt and they also make a great gift for people. Come into our shop and check out what we have.

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SCM T-Shirt Sales Shop

T-Shirt and Hoodie Printing[t-shirt ad]
We are printing Christian designs under our "SCM" label, so if you can't find the design that you want elsewhere, then maybe we have it. We can also print your designs (conditions apply) or if you have a special Christian event, ministry or activity that needs t-shirts printed, then we might be able to print them for you. Look below to purchase SCM items online.

SCM Leaflet

SCM Screen Printing Press

SOME SCM CHRISTIAN DESIGNS (select catagory and use online cart):

....SOME MORE SCM DESIGNS (email us your order):

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To buy a hoodie, you need to add $30 on the listed prices (ie. $35 + $30 = $65). To make the extra $30 payment, please use the Donation Page. We have other designs that you can purchase - click here to see them. Thanks.

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