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Parsons Beach

Trips to Parsons Beach include: travel to beach, 2-hour lesson (if needed), BBQ lunch, use of surfboard/wetsuit and sight-seeing - email for more details.....Come and join us for a great day's surfing starting from $68 per person.

Level: intermediate.
Break: point break.
Length of ride: 50-100 metres length.
Works Best: north-east winds and all tides.

Comment: "A left hand pointbreak breaking over sand. Excellent fast breaking left hander....ok wave, I reckon it's best at around 3ft when the banks are on, otherwise its a case of dodge the closeout. I'm sure some lucky guys have scored bigger waves that have held up though. It's a beautiful beach to be at regardless of the size of the surf and it's away from all the tourist pollution. You travel through a national park to get there and the beach is surround by bush and natural wildlife!....yes, sharks are a scary prospect at this beach, but that's what you get for surfing in a shark's breeding ground which actually lies at the opposite end of the beach....excellent fishing to, so bring a rod. It's easy to get out the back - just sit on your board and let the rip carry you out. Nice hollow fast lefts, with occational big sets making things interesting. Seals - yeah, dolphins - yeah, broken boards - yeah."

See the surf with these surf cams: Mid-Coast | Victor Harbor | Current Swell Chart

Daily trips are planned for week-days and Saturday through-out the year. If all the bus seating and surfboarding is booked out, you can still meet us at the beach if you have your own transportation and surfboard(s).
Phone Luke on 0403134478 for details.
Check out our Sanctuary Shop in Adelaide CBD.
Check out our Snowboard Travel Shop.
Coffs Harbour Surf Trips every month - next one.

How do we travel?....We have both a 19-seater Coaster bus (for state-wide trips) and a Mitsubishi Fuso Coach (for nation-wide trips) each fitted out with TV and DVD player, awesome sound system ('tis loud!) and we tow a trailer with waterproof, locable canopy and surfboard racks. We are currently purchasing more wetsuits and 35 surfboards so that we have everything we need to have a good day's surfing (....of course, God provides the waves to surf on). For smaller groups, we use our 4x4 Pathfinder to save on fuel (it also provides transportation for all the surf shop requirements). We are currently purchasing a beach buggy to get out onto the beaches and to use for promotional purposes - it will also tow a jet ski. You can bring your own surfboard on our trips if you are already a surfer.

How to contact us?....Either phone Luke on 0403134478 or Pastor Neil Aitchison on 0410725792, or you can email us if you want more information about this ministry.

A Ministry of Sanctuary Christian Ministries.

Surfing Game:
The game takes a
couple of minutes
to download but it
is worth the wait.

Beaches We
Like To Surf At:

We like to
get around:
- Boomers
- Bullies
- Chicken Run
- Knights Beach
- Knights Wedge
- Middleton
- Parsons
- Pennington
- Sewer
- Southport
- The Dump
- The Trough
- Triggs
- Waits
- West Beach

Surfing Videos:
We have a pile of
videos you can
watch. Click here
to see them.

Surfing Gospel

Here is a clear
Gospel message
that can be printed
on A5 paper.
Click here to see it.


We have a surf,
sand and snow
shop just opened
with a cafe lounge
and cinema movies.