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Who am I?
I am a family man who values the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman for the purpose of raising children with a father and a mother. My full-time work (as a volunteer) is the pastor of Sanctuary Christian Ministries (SCM) and I run a ministry centre at 201 Waymouth Street, Adelaide, SA. I am also a Surf Coach with Surfing SA and a musician who plays, fixes and tunes pianos. As a result of these activities, I meet many, many people on the streets, in their homes, at work sites and at church/social/community functions. This allows me to talk with people of all ages and from all walks of life. I have come to realise from all these discussions that there is a great deal of anxiety and disappointment in the way that society functions and the way that our country is being run. I am therefore running for parliament as an Independent because I believe that I can make a positive contribution in Federal Parliament free from party politics and upholding true conservative values (please see the Family Voice Survey for some of my policies). For this reason, I will provide an alternative to party politicians and career politicians who seem to treat their respective electorates like play-things and lack the "real world" experience.

Why am I running for parliament?
Contrary to all the "feel good" propaganda slogans of many (not all) politicians and political parties, our country is sliding downhill fast - we are addicted to debt and we are neglecting to take responsibility for our actions. Throwing more money at problems rarely fix them. Trying to feel "happy", being "prosperous" and living in "peace" seem like honourable goals, but the way in which we are trying to achieve this is causing the opposite results. The ideology behind this is based on humanistic, social engineering and emotive poetry being driven by human greed, all-of-which are working against themselves in an attempt to be more "progressive" - but since when is "progress" always a good thing anyhow?....the economic churn that we have created makes us work to the bone just to survive and even the well-off are still striving for the elusive "something else" to make life more worthwhile and exciting. Alcohol consumption, drug usage and sexual immorality are all on the increase because people are searching for an escape but only find themsleves getting trapped more and more in addictions. Alternative ways of living, social media and fantasy entertainment provide temporary relief, but eventually, reality kicks in and people are pulled down to even greater levels of depression and violence. So-called "gender fluidity" is the latest psychotic myth (dreamed up by so-called "experts") to be thrust upon us to damage our already vulnerable society even more. Morals, ethics, honesty, love, truth, respect, fairness, justice and other virtues use to be words and concepts with honourable objectives but are now being turned into subjective whims (even into their opposite meanings) within our education systems and public service. Even our hospitals and health centres (places designed to improve our wellbeing) have become a battle ground for political activism that masquerades as "medical science". Our children are being groomed to act more like programmed robots controlled (stolen?) by selfish, hedonist activists rather than thinking human beings under loving parental guidance - unless their pre-birth experience includes a deadly visit to an abortion clinic, then they have no chance to escape the knife (....out of sight, out of mind, right?). I see more than ever the need for divine direction. I hope to see our federal parliament make a change for the better and head in the divine direction as outlined in God's Word, the Holy Bible.

Here is an interview with Channel 7 about same sex marriage and the homosexual agenda after the Sanctuary Shop was vandalised. The audio is not perfect seeing as there was a lot of street noise.

Why is the rainbow in my picture?
Rainbows have both indigo AND violet (remember ROYGBIV?) unlike other pictures/lights of rainbows that you see around the place today that miss out on one of these colours....and isn't a rainbow a "bow"?....that's right, it has arch shaped colours, otherwise we can't call it a "bow". It's no good having a fake rainbow because it implies that everything else being pushed is fake as well - if you can't get your symbol right, then what chance have you got of getting your agenda right?....not much. If we want to use the rainbow as a symbol, then the true rainbow in the sky is a symbol of God's peace, protection and love for all living things (Genesis 9:12-17, Holy Bible). The fake, hijacked rainbow of today achieves the opposite to these let's reclaim back the rainbow to be used for it's pure intended purpose.

Here is a response from a Sturt constituent (play message).

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