Langholm Pianos Adelaide,
South Australia, 5000.
Telephone: 0410725792.

Langholm Pianos has a workshop and, except on rare occasions, is able to tune, service, repair and/or transport your piano if you live in the Adelaide and surrounding areas.

If your piano needs tuning or some repairs, feel free to email us and we can provide you with a quote. The normal tuning fee is $A120.00 and a combined "move and tuning" fee is $A299.00 - ask us for a quote because prices include GST and are subject to change without notice.

In order to maintain your piano in proper order, and to protect the major investment you have in it, it must be regularly serviced by a trained piano tuner-technician.

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Caring For Your Piano.

Your piano is a complex blending of many diverse and costly raw materials. There are more than 9,000 parts in the key and action combination alone. If you were to analyze the materials in your piano, you would find top quality wood of many species, iron, steel, copper, brass, plastics, wool, cotton, various adhesives, etc. The frame can have over 13 tonnes of tension on it due to the strings being held tight. Any significant knocks, jolts or temperature variations can cause it to go out-of-tune easily. Whilst some tuners may take over an hour to tune a piano, skilled tuners can do an excellent job in 30-45 minutes. Watch out for tuners who drag out a tuning in order to charge you more money.

Click on the images above to see cross-sections
of a grand piano.

A piano will stay in tune better if the atmospheric conditions are uniform. Keep the humidity as constant as possible by placing a jar of water in the bottom section of the piano and keep it topped up from time to time, but don't spill the water. Piano felts, like fine clothing, are subject to moth-damage unless properly protected - so place "moth balls" inside the piano but away from any moving parts.

To clean keys, wipe with a soft cloth slightly moistened with water, to which a very slight amount of mild soap suds have been added. The piano cabinet can be dusted and polished in the same way as other wooden furniture is polished using wood polish like "Marveer", "MasterTouch" or "O-Cedar".

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