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Welcome to the Sanctuary Baptist Church Website

Office/Shop: 201 Waymouth St,
Adelaide, SA, 5000.
Phone: 0410725792.
Email: sanctuary@adelaide.on.net

We meet at 201 Waymouth Street, Adelaide CBD, SA, 5000 [map]. We have a variety of activities to suit people of all ages and interests (including AWANA, music, outreach and radio broadcasting). The word "Sanctuary" in our name is derived from Psalm 96:6b ("strength and beauty are in His sanctuary") and if you happen to visit us, I am sure that you will see this for yourself. Check out our Sanctuary Shop in Adelaide CBD. We have purchased a 28-seater coach bus for our transportation. All transportation in this bus and our other vehicles are provided free of charge and is funded by non-obligatory donations to Sanctuary Baptist Church. We also hold a Bible Institute course for people interested to study the Bible in-depth. For information about same sex marriage, please click here.

Pastor Neil Aitchison [picture and more info] has been the pastor of Sanctuary Baptist Church since it was first incorporated in November, 2001. Pastor Aitchison was raised on a sheep farm at a town called Keith in the South-East of South Australia. He attended the Clarence Valley Baptist Bible College in Grafton, New South Wales where he acquired a Diploma in Theology and then studied at the Australian Bible Seminary in Sydney, NSW. His sending church is Liberty Baptist Church with Pastor Keith Piper [more info]. Pastor Aitchison is also a professional surfing coach, pianist, and the manager of both a piano shop and a power company.

Outreach is conducted after most meetings for approximately one hour [see t-shirts and surfers Gospel tract]. The two most common types of outreach are placing gospel tracts in letter boxes and street witnessing which primarily involves handing out Gospel leaflets and talking to people about God on the streets using our Sanctuary Shop as a home base. We hand out tracts on the streets four nights a week along Adelaide's Hindley Street, "The East End" of Rundle Street, the Adelaide Railway Station and Gouger Street. We are seeking council approval to conduct both street preaching and open-air meetings in the Adelaide CBD. We find that door knocking has mixed responses - so we are selective how and when we do it. Anyone interested in joining in these outreach activities (or if you have new ideas), please feel free to contact us. We will then tell you when and where the next outreach activity is happening. We have had a mission trip to help the Qld flood victims and we held a lecture at the Adelaide Uni called "Why Believe In God in an Age of Science?".

Mission trips are being planned all the time - all our up-and-coming mission trips are listed here and pictures are here.

Surfing Ministry involves using our 19-seater Coaster bus and a 28-seater Coach bus. For legal reasons, it must be stated that all transportation in our buses is provided free of charge and is funded by non-obligatory donations to Sanctuary Baptist Church. We also have a 4x4 Pathfinder and a specially built trailer with waterproof, locable canopy and surfboard racks, surfboards and wetsuits to travel to surfing beaches around South Australia. This ministry goes on all year round (....cold weather ain't stopping us!) and is designed to attract both the backpacker and teenage "street kid" and introduce them to the Gospel, the Bible and God's way of living. So far, we have been swamped with enquiries. There is an in-bus TV and DVD player to show Bible movies whilst travelling to the surfing beaches. Those who go on the surfing trips are also invited to attend the many other meetings that we conduct. This ministry is called "Sanctuary Surfers" [see webpage] and is an accredited ASI Surf School. It was started by Luke Drummond [more info] and is run by himself and Pastor Neil Aitchison who are both accredited surf coaches [see details]. Here is an article about our surfing ministry in the "RISE" magazine (on pages 12-13).

Adventure Tours are a new addition to our ministries that involve a Safari Ministry and a Snow Ministry.

The Gospel Light Radio Program that was broadcast live on 99.7 WOWFM was a ministry of Lighthouse Baptist Church run by Pastor Liam Luz with Pastor Neil Aitchison as a second host - it was a great success. A new radio program to be run by Sanctuary Baptist Church will commence soon on Adelaide's 88.7 CoastFM. For more information about this and other activities by Sanctuary Baptist Church - click here.

Should "repentance" be in the Gospel?
Pictures Of "Gospel Light" Program At Radio Station
Pictures Of Beach Outreach Teams
Picture Of AWANA Leader and Clubbers
Logos Used On T-Shirts For Outreach
Clipart For All Church Occasions
Pictures Of Prior Meeting Halls (2002-2006)

Free Bibles from Graceway Bible Society (in Canada) are available on request if you write to us explaining why you want a Bible. We also have over 200,000 gospel tracts (with the title "Specially For You") in stock and can supply them free of charge if you pick them up from our ministry centre - they have been donated to us from Gospel Publications in New Zealand.

If you have any recorded music, sermons or short "sound-bites" (that is, 15-30 second recordings) with a Bible message, please feel free to send them to us seeing as we are looking for Australian produced material for our radio program. The recordings must be on CD and of good-to-high clarity. Click here to see the program schedule and to download samples of on-air material for use on other radio stations.

The regular weekly activities are:[Doctrinal Statement]






All Week:

10:30am - Sunday Morning Meeting
and Outreach
6:30pm - Evolution verses Science.
6:30pm - Bible Study.
10pm - Street Outreach.
6:30pm - Islam/Quran Insights.
9pm - Street Preaching/Outreach in Adelaide.
8am - Surfing and Safari Trips (all day).
7pm - Cafe Lounge open till late (incl Karaoke).
Shop open from 9am-9pm.
Movies Played in our Mini-Cinema.

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Game Corner

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- Surfing Game
- IQ Game
- Snowboarding
- Tailgunner
- Pacman
- Killer Bees
- Bounce Ball
- Play A Piano
- Build Pyramid
- Dress Snowman
- Snakepit
- Build Railway
- Kid's Bible


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"I am debtor both to the Greeks and to the Barbarians; both to the wise, and to the unwise. So, as much as in me is, I am ready to preach the gospel......for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth""

Romans 1:14-16

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