Meningie Country Fire Service    


“Meningie 24” is a general purpose appliance. It is based on a Hino FT chassis. 
It is 4WD and carries 2000 litres of water.  Also on board is 40 litres of fire fighting foam,
one chainsaw, one engel fridge, fire extinguishers, salvage sheets a Little Giant ladder
and various other tools and firefighting hoses and branches (nozzles).

“Meningie 34P” is an Isuzu FTS 750 crew cab truck.  It is the primary response for urban based emergencies.  It carries 3000 litres of water and is also 4WD.  All crew ride in the front cabin and maximum capacity is six personnel. The appliance carries four breathing apparatus sets, Road Crash Rescue stowage, rescue long board used to extricate patients, traffic control devices from vehicles and other emergencies, lighting, reciprocating saw, salvage sheets and various other tools and firefighting hoses and branches (nozzles).  The appliance also has an in cab breathing apparatus and a water “halo” system to protect the cabin and occupants during a burnover.

Both appliances have GRN, UHF/CB, VHF fire ground radios and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) installed.

The Brigade also has a support trailer which carries multiple lengths of fire fighting hoses, a quick fill pump, floating pump and a 7500 litre floating collar dam.

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