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31 December: The Doc tested 3 chargers this year, one was so bad he does not wish to post his comments (one from EBay). He also tested the Ansmann XC3000, a great piece of kit but not on sale in Australia and quite expensive. The other charger was the Ansmann Energy 16, the bigger brother of one of his favourite chargers. Again sadly not available in Australia.

He also tested one set of batteries, the Sanyo Eneloops 2500s, great batteries. The Doc  cannot post official results as part of the testing equipment is not working. But he was impressed with their performance.

By way of broader observation, there has been very little in the way of developments in charger or battery technology over the past 2 years. So he is testing some USB 3.0 card readers at the moment. Stay tuned.

28 August: The Doc has been testing a Ansmann Energy XC3000 Battery Charger. Very, very impressive piece of kit, but it is not available in Australia, so no write up. It is also very expensive. The Doc is also testing some new Sanyo Eneloops 2500s. He is also working on some long term observations about batteries.

28 July: Sanyo have a new version of the eneloop that can be charged up to 1500 times, the older model was rate at 1900mAh and up to 500 recharges. The Doc has never even made 500 charges on a single set, so The Doc will stick with the cheapest version.

27 June: The Doc tested a cheap charger recently, he was so unimpressed The Doc will not even write a report. You get what you pay for!


The Doc has been looking for interesting chargers and batteries over the last 12 months.  So far nothing of any real interest. There was one Ansmann charger, but at over $500 it is a bit pricey!


Sanyo eneloop batteries now available at The Battery Wizard

1 February: updated Best Buys page.

1 October: The Doc has been looking for chargers and batteries to test for about 12 months, but there has been little worth buying. One development is on its way a Sanyo eneloop AA 2500mAh, but these tend to take about 6 months to reach Australia after release in Japan. The battery looks different to the current Sanyos, but that is probably because FDK now owns Sanyo battery technology.

4 October: The Doc has had battery sets now for several years and can make some longer term observations:

  • the cheaper Chinese made batteries are being to fail and leak. Quite a few over the last 12 months;
  • Sanyo, Maha and UNiROSS have not leaked nor failed. They offer better value in the long run;
  • it is really important not to let rechargeable batteries go completely flat, the quickest way to ruin then. For plain NiMH charge then every 2-3 months, or about every 12 for the longer life NiMH like Sanyo eneloop.


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stands for milli Ampere hour or milli Amp hour

Ni-Cd means Nickel Cadmium

Ni-MH means Nickel Metal Hydride

RAM stand for Rechargeable Alkaline Manganese

Primary cell, a term commonly used to refer to a non-rechargeable battery

Secondary cell, a term commonly used to refer to a rechargeable battery



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