Michaels Wireless, Wardriving and Related Stuff!

    I have been messing around with wireless networks for about 18 months now, starting with some Icom PC cards (not WiFi compliant) and now have a couple of Orinoco PC Cards.
    A local PC retailer/ISP has a simple peer-to-peer network using a W2K PC located at my employers comms site. It is mainly used for their own use, but have one other business using it to network two locations.  You can find pictures of the comms site toward the bottom of this page. I have a subnet set aside for my use but so far have only done tests to check coverage.
    I use modded Austar MDS (Galaxy) antennas with passive dipoles from Hills Industries, these work really well. So far, the furthest I have accessed the network is ~42 Km away. For wardriving, I use a ZCG Scalar omnidirectional antenna with a magnetic mount. LMR100 is used between the antenna cable tail and the pigtail.
    I can also VPN into my home network (via wireless or internet) from work and check on various things like my IRLP node and Clipsal C-Gate server.  I can control the lights and security via wireless. And more importantly, I can access my ADSL internet connection. Fun fun fun!
   Next I will have to get an ethernet webcam so I can see whats going on too!

    There aren't many wardriving targets in Port Lincoln, I only set up the car every couple of months to see if there have been any changes.

My wardriving equipment consists of :-
Toshiba 4320 WinXP SP1
40W 12-240V inverter
Senao 200mW PC Card
ZCG Scalar 2.4 Ghz omni with magnetic mount
LMR100 cable
Garmin GPS12XL GPS
Toyota Starlet (supplied by work!)


 The company I work for has a comms site here in Port Lincoln.  We have quite a number of users at the facility,  including the local taxi company, the city council and an FM broadcast transmitter.  Recently we acquired some new toys to play with. Austar removed their MDS transmitters early this year and wanted out of their contract to occupy the site. In the end we got the building (including 5 air cons, electrical distrubutuion and racks), two satellite dishes, 85 Kva diesel generator and a 30Kva 3 phase UPS.  They left the MDS antenna, feed cables and transmitter multicouplers but retained ownership of these.  I have since noticed on the ACA database that a new company has licenced the MDS frequencies for the site.
    We already have a new customer in the old Austar buliding, Vodafone GSM has moved into a nice little cage at one end of the building. Over time we plan to move our other customers from the old brick hut into the new building, we have plenty of rack space now!
    One thing I have been hanging out to do is set up a WinRadio receiver at the hill and use the server/client software to control it from home or work and have the received audio streamed down the wireless link.

A lovely LeBlanc tower!

The 85 Kva genset and the satellite dishes left behind

19" racks and the 30 Kva UPS (mmm power!)

Vodafone in their cage and another view of the tower

MDS multicouplers and looking back towards the door

The door to the old hut (yes, it's a ships door) and the 89.9 Magic FM transmitter

2.4 Ghz antenna on the tower and the wireless PC in the old building

Hills wireless antenna on the roof at work. Uses LMR600 cable

D-Link DWL900AP+ Install photos 22/12/2002

ZCG Scalar 2400 omni antenna and the Heliax cable entry

Antenna up in the air and a wider view of the top of the building

Mmm, Heliax and the AP plus my Toshiba lappy.