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25 May 2003: Strangers Episode 5 emergency patch!

Save this file to STrangers/Missions/Scripts to solve problems with missions 1 and 3. Sorry about this mess.

21 Mar 2003: Freedom Force X V1.2 Patch released!

More bug fixes and goodies for the One and only Unofficial Expansion Pack to Freeedom Force.
Go here to find out whats been fixed and download your copy. Less than 1M.

Lite Edition also available, only 1.5M to install, without the Puppet Master meshes and skins. Go here.

If you haven't got Freedom Force X yet, get the latest version here or simply find out more about it.

21 Mar 2003: Mission Guides

Walkthroughs for Missions 1 to 9 of the Strangers are now up, with hints and tips on how to battle your way through the first two downloads. Click on the Missions button above to view them.

An original campaign for Irrational Games' Freedom Force.

9 Mar 2003: Freedom Force X V1.1 Patch released!

Go here to find out whats been fixed and download your copy. Less than 1M.

6 Mar 2003: Freedom Force X released!

Yep, its ready for the world to see. Go here to download your copy, a slim 5M compared to all the Strangers stuff thats gone before.
And please, read the installation instructions will ya?

16 Feb 2003: Freedom Force X announced!

I'm currently taking a break from the Strangers to work on an unofficial expansion pack for Freedom Force. New attributes and character states that will fit in seamlessly with any campiagn (official or mod) and danger-room.
Look here for more details.

Epsiode 4 released

Episode 4 is finally released. For availability go to the Downloads page. Six new missions along with various bug fixes and tweaks. Click here for some screenshots and further info.