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Super Detector


The world's most powerful gold detector the SD 2200D ...

The SD 2200D combines the benefits of Minelab's unique MPS technology with four outstanding new features to provide you with the best chance to find gold.

For the first time, a Super Detector has the ability to discriminate between metal objects. Most trash iron objects near the surface will be discriminated, or when in the DISC + ID mode, different metal objects will produce different signals indicating the type of object detected.

Minelab's unique Automatic Ground Tracking System (AGT) (the only truly effective automatic ground balancing system in highly mineralised goldfields),

provides you with maximum detection depth at all times. Less time ground balancing simply means more time detecting for nuggets.

An audio boost makes faint signals more defined, this means you will now be able to find those small gold pieces much deeper.

Auto Tune control minimises the effects of electromagnetic interference from power lines, radio transmitters and other metal detectors. With a simple push of a button, your SD 2200D will automatically select the optimum detection frequency.
These features add up to make the SD 2200D the world's best gold detector. The SD 2200D gives you the power to find more gold nuggets than any other detector available today.

The power to find more gold, more often.

SD 2200D
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Also see the SD 2100
Comparison Chart
Feature  SD 2200D SD 2100
Technology MPS MPS
Automatic Ground Tracking yes
Discrimination yes
Audio Boost yes
Tuning Automatic Manual
Coil Sizes Available 8"DD, 11"DD, 11"Mono,18"Mono 8"DD, 11"DD, 11"Mono,18"Mono
Battery System 6V Gel Cell 6V Gel Cell
_____________________ ______________ _______________

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