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External exam

The Tasmanian Qualifications Authority sets, administers and assesses a 2-hour external written exam in this subject.

It is recommended that previous exams NOT be used for practice/preparation for the 2008 exam, as they bear little resemblance to the specified format for this year's exam.

Information about the Sample Exam paper (2008).

The Case Studies present themes which are developed by the four questions in each study, based on the preamble statement.
The four questions are structured around the problem solving methodology developed in the Syllabus and the Teaching & Learning Guide:

[Case Study preamble]

1. Identify / Analyse the Problem (Criterion 1 / Criterion 3)

2. Design / Alternative solutions (Criterion 1 / Criterion 2)

3. Development / Testing / Implementation (Criterion 2 / Criterion 3)

4.  Social Issues and reflection (Criterion 3 / (C1/C2))

The overall ratings for each of Criteria 1, 2 and 3 are then derived from the assessor’s judgement of the student’s answers in all questions, with reference to the Standards as published in the Syllabus.

It is important to appreciate that there will rarely be only one correct answer to these types of questions, and students are encouraged to show both breadth and depth in their answers.  Some very good answers might include aspects which do not relate directly to information and communication technologies.

For a student to gain an A or B rating on a criterion, it would be expected that each question contributing to that criterion rating would have had at least a satisfactory answer.

Draft Exam Paper 2008

Draft Exam Paper Answers 2008 - some possible answers to Sections A - C

Additional sample exam questions have been prepared: