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Problem solving and project management

This section of the course is allocated 25 hours

IT&S is the study of solving real-world problems involving information communications and technology, and the approaches should reflect the processes of problem solving.
The guidelines below are not a complete list of industry-standard methodologies, but reflect a general, perhaps simplistic, approach to solving real-world problem.

Problem solving methodologies

  • a Case Study approach

  • a possible Problem Solving methodology is (Ref: 'IT applications' Potts (Ed.), Thomson Nelson 2007):

    • analyse

    • design

    • develop

    • test

    • document

    • implement

    • evaluation

  • there are other valid ways of engaging students in the process of solving relevant information problems

Project management skills

These will be defined through the application of the problem solving methodologies.

References which give specific examples and tools are:  - Project Management - ProjectMinds' Guide to Project Management - Project management body of knowledge - Wikipedia



Open Workbench  - Open Workbench is an open source project management tool

OpenProj  - OpenProject is a free desktop replacement for Microsoft Project.

FreeMind - FreeMind is an open source mind mapping tool

Some Possible Approaches and resources:
  • Scoping document

  • Governance – who owns what part and what decisions

  • Gantt Charts

  • Risk Analysis

  • Electronic Diary

  • Log

  • Forums for each group

  • course management software, eg. Moodle

  • version control management systems, eg. open source

Case Studies:

The following examples of Case Studies are, or will be, available for class use:

1.  Fog Run – Planning on the Run
       Planning and execution of the Launceston Ten Fun Run, 2007.
       DVD and teaching resources prepared by Dr Chris Keen.

       This can be purchased from Dr Chris Keen for $25.

2.  An accommodation industry case study, prepared by Dr Chris Keen.

      This can be purchased from Dr Chris Keen for $25.

3.  There are many other case studies published in Information Systems textbooks (tertiary standard) and on the Internet.

Sydney Morning Herald/BizTech - variety of case studies and business profiles re adoption of new technologies


Examples of resources:

Recommended/'peer reviewed': Other submitted:
  Dominos Case Study