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This section of the course is allocated 25 hours

The goals of tasks presented as suitable, relevant and examinable for a major project include:

  • It is necessary that the student works with others.  This should be a class-based team wherever possible; however, as an alternative, students could work with parent(s), business person or other end-user.

  • each student is required to demonstrate some capabilities as detailed in the other Course Content sections, and possibly additional capabilities as appropriate to the task,

  • each student participates in all aspects of the problem-solving process used, and demonstrates participation in a practical form,

  • where possible, it is preferable that project tasks have distinct commencement and completion aspects, rather than be of an on-going nature.

Some examples of possible project topics are:
(a)   Resourced:
       (Supplied by :
  • Fun Run – simulation of all aspects of organisation, running and reporting on a Fun Run, or similar
    (related files:  1   2   3   4   5)
  • Magnificent City Council – a range of activities which may be typical of a City Council’s IT tasks
  • Real estate website – establishing a website for a Real Estate company
(b)  Other topics:
       Book Shop Order Management
       Sports/Leisure Club Bookings
       Vet/Dentist/Dr Appointment System
       Theatre booking System
       Hairdresser Appointment System
       Travel Agent Booking System
       Garage/Car Repair Appointments
       Auto Sales Order Database
       Estate Agent Customer Interest Database
       Restaurant/Pub Staffing
       Builder Job Management
       Youth Club Membership
       Garden Centre Order Management
       Golf Club Tournament Database
       Catering Company Customer Orders
       Mail Order Management System
       Recruitment Agency Client/Job Database
       Dating Agency
       Conference Booking Database
       Hotel Reservation

Examples of resources:

Recommended/'peer reviewed': Other submitted:
Major Project Guidelines - strongly recommended for guidance

Major Project Preparation (AW)


Major Project - info systems guidelines



The major project will be assessed for each student by the submission of a resolved folio of selected aspects of the project task.
TQA publishes Folio Guidelines which detail their requirements for external assessment of the Project Folio.
Assessment sheet - Criteria 1, 4, 5 (externally assessed)
It is also recommended that the Folio (and project) be assessed on other internally-assessed criteria.
Assessment sheet - Criteria 6, 7 (internal assessment only)