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We first heard about Geocaching from friends Team Boodi when they were over from Melbourne Last January 2006. We then went and bought our first GPS a Garmin GPS 60 from Electric Bug. This was before we knew about Alex. For Ranger 1, who was already quite proficient in navigation by map & compass due to military service, the GPSr was a natual progression. Since we have started caching, we have greatly enjoyed our time getting out & seeing places that you would not normaly see, not to mention meeting some great people.


First Cache found: On the nose GCKNN1 March 13 2006

Tenth cache found: Port of War GCBD7A April 22 2006

Fifteenth cache found: Serenity GCPBZY June 12 2006

Twentieth cache found: The Parable of the Hidden Treasure GCP5J1 July 14 2006

Thirtieth cache found: Hail Bus Here GCHT86 September 2 2006

Fortieth cache found: Stone Me GCHT86 October 7 2006

Fiftieth cache found: A Short History GCN7E2 January 7 2007

Sixtieth cache found: Eilish's Teddy Bear Picnic GCXZEJ January 28 2007

First To Finds:
Pluka Duck GCVE47 April 17 2006

Furthest Caches Found From Home:
Krupp Werks GCN9DJ Port Augusta July 20 2006
At the Crossroads GCPY7H Port Augusta July 21 2006

"The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field.
When a man found it, he hid it again." Mt. 13:44


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