Merrington's Flat

Merrington's Flat is a piece of land named after my ancestors in Gippsland.

It was once the location for the farm and residence of Daniel James and Frances Jane Merington in the late 1880's until approx 1920.

Now Merrington's Flat is a popular camping, 4 wheel drive area and deer hunting location.

It is located on the road to Aberfeldy, north of the Thomson dam. The Aberfeldy river runs past it.

Aberfeldy River behind Merrington's Flat.


Old photos of Merrington's Flat

The Meringtons used to run the pub in Toombon which was destroyed by fires in the 1920's. It has been rebuilt to it's former glory by Rex Murfett off the original building plans.


photo of the original hotel in Toombon.


photos of the hotel restored.

I had the pleasure of looking through the pub three years ago and was extremely impressed with the restoration.