Bushland Beach weather

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Latitude  : S 19° 11' 53"   Sunrise    : 06:17 Moon
Longitude : E 146° 40' 34"   Sunset  : 18:26
Elevation  : 6 m   Moon  : Waxing Gibbous

These graphs present the temperature, pressure, rainfall, and wind speed trends for the last 24 hours.

The thumbnail graphs are sampled every ten minutes. Click on a thumbnail to display the corresponding larger graph in the panel above it. The large graphs are sampled every minute.

Click on a thumbnail to show a large graph in the panel above.
Wind Graph Thumbnail Temperature Graph Thumbnail Inside Temperature Graph Thumbnail Pressure Graph Thumbnail Rain Graph Thumbnail
Wind Direction Thumbnail Temp Min/Max Graph Thumbnail Humidity Graph Thumbnail Today's Rainfall Graph Thumbnail Daily Rain Graph Thumbnail

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