Biography - Cobden "Taffy" Evans

Date of Birth:    24th April, 1929

Birthplace:    Bodnithoedd, Botwnnog, Caernarvon, Wales

Date of Death:    23rdApril, 2011

Place of Death:  West End, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Taffy was born and raised on Bodnitheodd, in Botwnnog, Caernarvon, in Northern Wales on 24/04/1929, by parents John and ?? Evans (sorry I have forgotten her name).  

One of his fondest childhood memories was when he and his mates fell down amine shaft.  They were happy as they had plenty of tobacco and papers so they sat and smoked and told stories.  They were rescued soon after only because someone had noticed all the smoke billowing out of the mine!  

He met and married Meg in the late 1940's and they had 2 children, Donald and Magret.  He was a merchant seaman and travelled to many places all over the world including Canada and New Zealand.  He was heading off on a fishing vessel bound for Australia and farewelled his family - little did they know that would be the last time they would see him - he was 30 when he left the shores of Wales.

His boat arrived in Melbourne, Victoria, and he "jumped ship" in Australia.  He was looking for work and answered an ad for "Driver Wanted".  He got the job - to drive a semi to Adelaide.  He thought Adelaide was a suburb of Melbourne!  Well he found his way and the load was delivered on time!  This began his life as an interstate truckie!.

In the late 60's he took a job with Brambles and headed for Papua New Guinea, hauling all over the island.  He returned to Australia in the early 70's where he met Hazel whilst travelling through Boggabilla in NSW.  They fell in love.  He adopted her daughter Anita, who was a baby.  and they made their home in Camira, Brisbane.  Hazel and Taffy were together for nearly 10 years before "splitting the blanket" as he put it.  But he made sure he was still a father to Anita, that was never going to change.  Hazel and Taffy remained great friends to the end.

Taffy continued trucKing.  Anita went on as many trips as she could with him all over Australia.  Although Anita moved to Goondiwindi, they remained close.  Taffy moved on relationship wise and became a good friend to May, who later passed away.  Typical Taffy style, he was very much a part of her children's and grandchildren's lives - he just loved children!

Taffy felt it was near time to get out of the trucking industry, looking to retire, so he bought a block of land at Coominya, just outside of Esk.  It was going to be Anita's block "Bodnitheodd" after his childhood home in Wales.  Absolute slice of heaven with it's many dams and bushland setting.   It was the 90's and his diabetes had taken hold, his sight was failing and driving became difficult.  He only lived at Coominya for a few years with his best mate "Boss" (a red cattle dog) before having to leave and buy a unit at a nursing village in West End.

He would visit Anita in Goondiwindi often.  His first grandson was born, Thomas, and he was so very proud to be a grandad.  Nathan followed later, now a grandfather of two.

In the last few years of his life, his relationship with Anita had drifted, however, he remained in close contact with Anita and Hazel, making sure his daughter and grandsons were ok, and keeping up with their lives.

He lived the rest of his days in West End, surrounded by his many friends.  He died 23rd April 2011 in his home.