Six months after Rita and John met, John promised Rita's parents that he was "going to record everything Rita sang". With very few exceptions, he did achieve this and opera lovers world wide and Rita Hunter fans in particular, owe John an incalculable debt of gratitude.

However, this gratitude is to go also to Mr Stewart South of Teddy Bear Transfers, who, through a labour of love, has caringly remastered all of the recordings that are now available to you on CD.

Mr South and my late Mother were great friends and he is a great fan of her artistry. Whilst having a conversation with Rita on the phone one day, he asked the million dollar question "Rita dear, those cassettes are not going to last forever, whatever are you going to do with them all?". My Mother expressed her wish and all time desire to have them on CD but didn't know where to start and who to talk to about it. She knew that she was talking to someone with a vast knowledge of sound, but she did not know that he had been updating his sound equipment. For Mr South now had the equipment to do the transferring and remastering on to compact disc.

When Mr South explained this to her, then began a long process of deciding what to transfer and remaster. The choice was endless, and the cassettes went from North Turramurra to North Sydney in either my car, taxi or courier. Mr South never complained about the amount of work that Rita sent to him. He looked upon this project with love and respect. In time, we accumulated the collection that is available to you now. But the list continues to grow even though Rita is no longer with us.

Mr South and my late Father were great friends also. Their common link was my Mother's voice. Like my Father many years ago, when he promised he would record everything that Mum sang, Mr South, in turn has saved these cassettes from their impending doom of being lost forever.

On a personal note I wish to say to him:

"Stewart, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for all your hard work and your patience. I also thank the powers that be that there is someone like you, whose vast knowledge of sound and my Mother's voice, has saved these memories forever"

Mr South has a webpage which will give you even more details on the types of work that he can do. If you have remastering of any kind, or if you have old 78's that you would love to hear again, then I recommend highly that you contact him. I have heard examples of what he can do. Tape hiss is a thing of that past, so to is 99% of record crackles. But these things are only a thing of the past if you contact Mr Stewart South of Teddy Bear Transfers.

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