How this page came into being.

At the local chapter meeting in late 1996 to elect office-bearers, it was suggested that I could put together a page of Web links of interest to local Alfisti.

The ACT Chapter's major event of the year, organised in conjunction with the FIAT club of the ACT, is the Italian car show Auto Italia.


Translation of Alfa Romeo Montreal, by Luigi Giuliani.

First revised version, finished a few days ago.

Alfa Romeo Australia Web site!

At last I believe Alfa Romeo is back in Oz!  The Alfa Australia site is now up and running and new Alfas are now being sold in Australia.  In particular (at least in four cylinder form) the 156 has had some very favourable reviews; it sounds like a classic Alfa sports sedan in the Giulia Super mould.  Sorry, but the offset number plate won't get around speed and red light cameras!

The 166 should be in Australia later this year.

Oh yes, Victorian Alfisto Dominic Beninca, well known in motor racing circles, has his own racing page

Selected Australian road tests on the new Alfas

Overview article on the GTV and Spider, Sydney Morning Herald, 26th June, 1998
Another overview article, Peter Wherrett's Auto Forum
Overview article on the 166, Sydney Morning Herald, 3rd July
Page for all Alfa road tests at (Sydney Morning Herald and Age)

Alfa GTV V6 - The Age, 3rd September 1998
Alfa GTV V6 - The Sydney Morning Herald, 21st August 1998
Alfa Spider - Sun Herald, 22nd November, 1998
Road tests reproduced on the Alfa Australia web site

Alfa 156, Sydney Morning Herald, 15th March 1999
Alfa 156, The Age, 29th March 1999


Australian Alfa Club pages
Alfa Romeos by Model
Individual cars
My own rubbish!
Totally off-the-wall links
Other Alfa Links

Australian Alfa Romeo Owners' Club Home Page

Alfa Romeo Owners' Club of Australia (the national page!)

As this has links to all state pages which presumably will be more up-to-date than what I can manage I've decided to delete my own links to the state pages.

Alfa Romeos by Model

This is a partial list in rough chronological order. The big surprise is that I (still!) can't find an authoritative Alfasud page! Generally 105's and V6's seem to be by far the best provided for on the Net. There appears to be very little specifically for the 1900 or 2000 (102 series) cars.  I now have a 2600 series page courtesy of a Netherlands reader.

There are more 105 series Spyder pages than you can poke a stick at so I couldn't really decide on any one for inclusion; I'd suggest going to AlfaPages which has a number of 105 Spyder links.
750/101 series

Giulietta Spyder page

Historical overview and details of the lucky fella's *two* Guilietta Spyders
105/115 series

The Electronic GTV Home Page 

New Zealand-based page covering all 105/115 GTV's and derivatives. Includes buyers' guide and on-line register

Alfa Romeo Montreal

Downright encyclopedic Swiss-based site. Huge amounts of information/trivia.
My own translation of Luigi Giuliani's book on the Montreal.
116 series

Alfa Romeo GTV6 Web Page

A well-presented, extremely thorough American site with a lot of good technical information. 
Possibly the best Alfa site I've seen.  Now on it's own domain (
Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT3000/GTV V8 Autodelta's Italian rally special - Alfetta GT with a Montreal engine!
119 series

Alfa 6 Home Page

Set up by German Alfisto
162 series

Alfa 90 Page

Now under the management of Tony Lupton, an Alfa 90 owner in Queenland

The Alfa 75 / Milano Resource

Another US site. Lots of good technical information. Uses frames.
900 series

The Alfa Romeo 33 Home Page

The Alfa 33 Register (British) is dead, long live the (Swedish) Alfa 33 Register!
164 series

Alfa Romeo 164

A comprehensive US site. Includes index of technical notes of relevance to the 164 from the Alfa Digest mailing list.

Individual cars (a shamelessly subjective and incomplete selection)

Alfa Romeo GTV6 3.0 liter 

One of the fearsome South African homologation specials

My own humble 1985 Alfa 33 TI 

Couldn't resist it!

The 164 project

Alfisti in Adelaide rebuilding two pranged 164s

Once Upon a Time we used to Dream

Did you hear the one about the Irishman and his new Alfa GTV?

Project Alfa

US Alfisto and his three Alfas. Includes restoration notes.
Alfa 33 TI from Sweden! Also includes new Alfa 33 Register!
Alfa Montreal in Adelaide Story of the restoration of one of these fascinating cars

My own rubbish...

Some quotations on Alfas!

The Short and Sorry Life of my 1980 Guilietta

My 40th Birthday Alfa Romeo Cake!!!

And another Alfa cake!

Totally off-the-wall links...

Where the rubber meets the road...

"Lateral thinking in brake fluid changes"; just read it...

Other Alfa Links

History of Alfa Romeo

Excellent, if in the final pages depressing in his feelings on the FIAT buyout. Offline 28/4/99

The factory Alfa Romeo site 

Good and ho, ho, ho, we can now buy them unlike our North American cousins!


Very complete Australian-based set of Alfa links

Enjoying your Alfa

Reprint of delightful booklet sent to new US Alfa owners in Alfa's halcyon days in the '60's.

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