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In the section titled "Man, the Producer" of the Universal Exposition which unveiled the Montreal on 28th April 1967, Alfa Romeo, alone among automobile companies, was invited by the organisers to interpret a theme as much ambitious as evocative: to offer a car which would be "the maximum aspiration of man when it comes to automobiles".

In (pursuit of) which was [Nacque cosi], in collaboration with Bertone, the Montreal or, better, its prototype, which for the occasion was equipped with the traditional mechanicals of the Giulia. The styling, aggressive and untamed [accattivante], as suited a sports car of great pedigree, was inscribed [iscreveva] in one of the genres which, in those same years [proprio in quegli anni], saw Bertone excel with masterpieces of the standard of the Miura and the Fiat Dino coupe.

The production Montreal, unfortunately joining the market nearly four years later, gave up in part its praiseworthy stylistic equilibrium, but in exchange gained a powerful V8 engine derived from the competition 33.

Capable of achieving 220 km/hr, well finished and given an undeniable personality, at the time the Montreal was appreciated by the more sophisticated Alfisti, while today its standing [quotazioni], impelled also by the small number of examples produced, is in continuous growth among the collectors.

This volume, which reconstructs the story of it with a wealth [dovizia] of details and technical data, is the first monograph dedicated to this legendary coupe of the House of Arese.

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Editorial Coordination:        Daniele Antonietti 
Editing: Laura Negri
  Giovanna Zoboli
Cover: Barbara Bazzigaluppi
Pagination: Sergio Nada
Photographs: Giorgio Nada Editore Archive
  "Style Auto" Archive
  Sandro Bacchi (cover)
  Documentation centre, Alfa Romeo, Arese
  Luigi Giuliani
The author wishes above all to direct particular thanks to Elvira Ruocco, of the records centre of Alfa Romeo at Arese, not only for the photographic material and documentation placed at our disposal with great courtesy, but for the advice and encouragement received to continue in the carrying out of this work. Great gratitude goes then to Giuseppe Busso, Carlo Chiti and Marcello Gandini, important protagonists in the Montreal story, who have cooperated with the author [facendolo] participating (with) their own memories. A word of thanks to Alfa Romeo, in the person of Roberto Benvenuti, of the Centre of Image and Communications, and of Paolo Bezzan, of the Office of Approvals [Omologazioni] and Patents, and to Carrozzeria Bertone, in the persons of Gian Beppe Panicco, director of the Office of Public Relations [Relazioni Esterne] and of Elisabetta Farmeschi. Finally he would like to thank for the precious help provided Bruno Bonini, Alberto Caldarozzi, Gino Ciani, Claudio Giorgetti and Teodoro Zeccoli.

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