Alfa Romeo MontrealMontreal cover

Author:  Luigi Giuliani
Publisher: Giorgio Nada Editore, 1992
ISBN:  88-7911-072-1
Translation of text into English, copyright Malcolm Street, Canberra, Australia, 1998-9
Dedicated to Paola Ceratto, my Italian teacher, for her patience, knowledge and assistance, and to other members of the Dante Alighieri Society of Canberra.
Version 1.01a, 28th April 1999

Changes in Version 1.01

Email from the original author (!), thorough proof-reading, some fine-tuning of translations, page numbers referring to the book added, a couple of changes in the engineering section, layout of Captions sections rationalised.

Changes in Version 1.01a

Moved email from Luigi Giuliani and Translator's Introduction to separate pages; the intro bit was getting rather long.

Included translation suggested by Bruce Taylor from the Montreal Home Page for a passage on the injection system on p. 58 that had stumped me.

Scanned in a higher-quality image for this page.


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Table of Contents

Introductory material

Email from Luigi Giuliani, the book's author!

Translator's Introduction

The book proper

Blurb (back cover)


Grand Touring - an Alfa Romeo Tradition

  • The Origin of Grand Tourers

  • The Ancestors of the Montreal


    The Indivisible Binomial Alfa-Bertone
  • Captions
  • The Idea of the Montreal
  • The New Sporting Program

  • Autodelta
    The 33 Sports-Prototype


    Expo '67: the Alfa at Montreal

    Montreal: the Idea is Realised

  • Testing and Debut

  • The Styling
    The Differential Structure
    The Interior


    Engineering of the First Order
  • Characteristics of the engine

  • Breathing
    The Block
    The Crankshaft
    The Connecting Rods
    The Lubrication System
    The Intake System
    The Exhaust System
    The Ignition System
    The Cooling System
    The Transmission
    Wheels and Tyres
    The Suspension
    The Braking System
    Driving and Steering
    The Thoughts of the Designers


    Performance and Behaviour on the Road
  • Driving Impressions

  • Comfort


    Production and Evolution of the Montreal
  • The Production of the Body

  • The Evolution of the Montreal
    The Market, the Price and the Competition


    The Montreal and Competition
  • The Alfetta GT 3000

  • The Alfa Romeo Montreal Marine Engine


    The Montreal Today
  • The Market

  • Restoration


    Technical Characteristics

    Production Data

    Chassis and Engine Numbers

    Colours and Internal Combinations

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