Double Grand Champion Plata Silver Mahtob

This is Maya, one of our Silver Breeding Programme foundation cats.
She is extremely fast and can intercept thrown objects by just moving one paw.
Maya loves to eat cake.
She likes to see what is happening in the kitchen and can get the lid off a saucepan with ease.   This she does when the pot has cooled of course - after all, she is anything but silly.
Maya is a small cat and could easily go to sleep in my cupped hands.
Maya was born on Christmas day.   A perfect gift.

Phango has his own cabin and exercise yard.
He is a very active cat and spends a lot of time pacing.
He loves Xanakei, one of the girl cats ( see her picture on the next page ) but shows a healthy interest in any of the other females.
He likes to eat chives and has access to his own supply in a garden pot.
He loves to play chasing and catching leaves and takes a keen but benevolent interest in the activities of the local abundant bird life.

Grand Champion Nivalis Phandango
Double Grand Champion Tongariro Sno Belle

Kyphi is one of those responsible for teaching kittens, through play, to become self-sufficient cats.
The curriculum includes special smooching techniques (important for gaining rewards), jumping from great heights (to be first on the scene when food has become available) and attack and defence strategies (to ward off contenders for food and establish a more favourable place in the local feline hierarchy).

Niki, a "cinnamon silver" female, loves to drape herself around my neck and shoulders and purr, purr, purr.
She has the gentlest of temperaments and the most exquisite green eyes.
As a mother she excels in lavishing attention on her kittens.
At play she is very athletic and can pelt through the house so speedily that she can barely be recognised.

Double Grand Champion Sarvan Berenice
Gold Double Grand Champion Nivalis Pharruca

Pharruca is one of our most highly titled cats.
She is a black silver with a sparkling coat, solid black hocks and ear tufts - features which make her instantly stand out in a crowd.
She is a talkative cat but has a gentle and quiet voice.
When she is raising kittens, she trills to them frequently and they respond in like fashion as soon as they are able.

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