Drag-and-drop software distribution for NetWare networks

NWCopy allows you to very easily update files on your NetWare file servers. When NWCopy starts, it displays a list of the file servers that are active on your network. Operation is very simple: you select the servers to which you wish to copy files; drag the files and directories you wish to copy from Explorer or File Manager to the NWCopy window; specify the options and target directory in the popup dialog that appears; and click OK.

Depending on the options you have chosen, NWCopy will either start performing the file copies immediately, or it will generate configuration and batch files which can be reused to execute NWCopy multiple times with the same choices without having to go through the drag-and-drop of files and selection of options. If execution begins immediately, a progress dialog shows you the progress of the file copies.

NWCopy can also be used in a "delete-only" mode, to delete files and directories on multiple servers without copying files.

To schedule NWCopy jobs for timed execution, you can use the Sched utility that is provided with NWCopy.

For an example of how useful NWCopy can be, read the Server Swap procedure for a detailed description of how to use NWCopy and TrustNDS to perform a server upgrade onto new hardware.

Features of NWCopy

System requirements

NWCopy is a 32-bit Windows program. It needs Windows 95 or later with the Novell Client installed, or Windows NT 4 or later with the Novell Client installed, and 250Kb of disk space. NWCopy will not run on Windows 9.x with either the MS NetWare client or DOS VLM client installed, as neither of these clients supports the necessary function calls, nor will it run on Windows NT4/2000 with the MS NetWare client installed, as the MS client does not support any NetWare 32-bit calls.

NWCopy has been tested with the latest clients for Windows 9.x and NT/2000/XP. These clients can be downloaded from Novell's web site. Some of the API calls that NWCopy makes to support correct operation on IP-only networks are fairly new and may not exist or may have problems in older versions of the Novell client. If you do not have the latest client you can download it from the client software page on Novell's web site.

Version History

New in current version (v8.4)

Fixed a bug introduced in the previous version where the simultaneous copy option did not work correctly when running a job from a configuration file.

New in version 8.3

Added an option to skip the copying of migrated files.

Fixed a bug where the Inherited Rights Mask on directories was being copied and not synced when the sync option was selected.

Fixed a bug where the Inherited Rights Mask on files was not being copied correctly where the option to copy attributes without necessarily copying the file was set.

New in version 8.2

NWCopy will now also display in the server list box any servers found in the workstation's connection table that have not already been found either through bindery IPX scan or via SLP.

The license key information is now stored in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE branch of the registry, so entering the license information once will be valid for all users. Preferences are still stored on a per-user basis.

New in version 8.1

Fixed a bug where running NWCopy through the scheduler with a configuration file would result in a separate log file for each server even where all servers were processed sequentially.

New in version 8.0

NWCopy can now schedule itself to copy simultaneously to all target servers that are selected.

New in version 7.30

File and directory exclusions now accept wildcard specifications.

New in version 7.21

Fixed a bug introduced in v7.20 that prevented the copying of file/directory trustees and ownership between servers in the same NDS tree unless the option "Copy trustees and ownership between NDS trees" was also selected.

New in version 7.20

Fixed a problem with the copying of compressed files to and from NSS volumes that have compression enabled.

New in version 7.11

Fixed a problem that prevented the copying of files and directories containing the Euro symbol.

New in version 7.1

Fixed pathlength problems with file sync (previous fix in v6.5 was only for file copy). The problem is actually in the Novell client DLL CLNWIN32.DLL, which crashes with an illegal instruction error if a pathlength exceeding 255 characters is passed to it. NWCopy now tests for path length and will not attempt to sync any paths exceeding 255 characters (an error message is written to either the screen or log file depending on the logging options selected).

New in version 7.0

Fixed a bug where the contents of directories without a valid owner were not copied if the option to copy ownership was selected.

Fixed a bug where zero byte files were being copied but not being shown in the log or added to the running total of files copied.

Upgraded scheduling so that NWCopy can be scheduled to run with a repeat interval of any integral number of hours, days, or weeks.

New in version 6.5

Fixed a bug in the parsing of excluded directory names. The bug was that if several directories being copied at the same level started with the same characters, and the shortest of the directory names was selected for exclusion, then all the directories starting with the same characters were incorrectly excluded. For example, if you copied the directory structure VOL1:APPS, containing the directories VOL1:APPS\IE, VOL1:APPS\IE55, and VOL1:APPS\IE55SP1, and selected VOL1:APPS\IE to be excluded, then VOL1:APPS\IE55 and VOL1:APPS\IE55SP1 were incorrectly also excluded when they should have been copied.

Fixed a problem (actually a problem in the Novell client DLL CALWIN32.DLL) where an attempt to process a file or directory path exceeding 255 characters caused an illegal instruction error. NWCopy now tests for path length and will not process any paths exceeding 255 characters (an error message is written to either the screen or log file depending on the logging options selected).

New in version 6.41

Changed from using the NetWare API function NWIntScanDirectoryInformation2 (which caused error messages to appear for system or hidden directories) to a different function that correctly detects these directories.

Changed selectable buffer sizes so that the maximum available size is now 4Mb (useful when copying between volumes on the same server at the end of a slow WAN link).

New in version 6.4

Trustee assignments can now be synchronised as well as copied.

Changed the formatting of numbers that are displayed so that they are formatted according to the locale settings of the user logged into the workstation.

Fixed a bug that could logout the workstation running the copy if it had a file open that was preventing the copy from succeeding. NWCopy now checks and will not logout its own connection number on the server.

New in version 6.31

You can now choose to preserve the last access date on files being copied.

You can now enter a target path directly into the Options dialog, as well as choosing it from the browse dialog or from the dropdown list of the most recently selected paths.

New in version 6.3

Added an extra tab to the options dialog for specifying files and directories to be excluded from a copy or sync operation.

Added back NetWare 5.0 and 5.1 as separate selectable versions, as Novell have now provided a function to distinguish between them.

New in version 6.21

Removed NetWare 5.0 and 5.1 as separate versions that can be selected for copy operations, as there is actually no way to distinguish between them. For example, both NetWare 5.0 SP5 SP5 and NetWare 5.1 SP1, when queried for their version number, report back version 5.00i, so there is no way to separate them by querying the version number. This wasn't realized at the time of providing the separate version options in NWCopy v6.1.

New in version 6.2

Selections of servers can now be named and saved. These servers can then be instantly re-selected by picking the name off a popup menu.

You now have the option to copy file ownership and trustee rights between NDS trees.

Increased the volume of files that can be selected in the evaluation version from 50Mb to 500Mb.

Fixed a minor bug in the loading and saving of CFG files that prevented the scheduling selections for start time and repeat interval from being retrieved when editing a CFG file.

New in version 6.1

Added "Always on top" as a menu item on the file and popup menus. If this is selected, the NWCopy window will remain topmost while waiting for files to be dropped from Explorer or File Manager. This means that you can have the Explorer or File Manager windows full-screen and still see the NWCopy window.

Added v5.0 and v5.1 as separate NetWare versions that can be selected as target versions in the Options dialog. Removed v3.11 and v3.12 as separate selectable options and replaced them with a single v3.x option.

Added an option on the Advanced tab in the Options dialog to allow the user to choose whether or not to perform the copy internally in file server memory when both the source and destination directories are on the same server. The internal copy is done using a NetWare API function named NWFileServerFileCopy. There is (at time of writing) an issue with using NWFileServerFileCopy on large files where both the source and destination directories are on NSS volumes. The file server may cease responding and abend. If you are copying between NSS volumes on the same server I suggest that you do not select this option. For all other situations it can be safely selected.

NWCopy now locks the CFG file that it uses when running from the scheduler. This prevents two instances of NWCopy from using the same CFG file and causing problems if they both try to update the same files (for example, if you have a daily run scheduled and one of the daily jobs takes more than 24 hours to complete).

Fixed a bug in the Sched utility which sometimes caused an illegal program instruction abend when starting Sched. This abend would occur if the length of the tip that Sched was trying to show for its system tray icon exceeded 63 characters. Windows has a limit of 63 characters for a system tray icon tip, and if the configuration file and path names were both long, then the length of the tip that Sched was trying to show was exceeding this limit.

Changed Sched so that it now works correctly when two-digit years are used for the starting date if a date is specified. The Borland Time/Date classes do not appear to work correctly when two-digit years are used, so all years are now converted to four digits if needed before any calculations are done.

New in version 6.0

NWCopy now works correctly on IP-only networks. On an IP-only network, the functions that Novell previously provided for discovering servers only find the workstation's primary server. This new version of NWCopy uses new functions from Novell that correctly find all servers.

The Sched utility now accepts start date/time based on the day of the week as well as on the date. It also now accepts the program to run and the program's parameters as separate parameters on the Sched command line, which means that you can now run NWCopy from Sched without needing a batch file.

Sched can now be launched to the system tray from within NWCopy rather than having to be done separately from the command line (see the Scheduling tab in the options dialog).

Start menu shortcuts for running Sched can now be created within NWCopy and placed in the folder of your choice within the Windows Start menu (see the Scheduling tab in the options dialog).

The NetWare function NWScanConnectionsUsingFile, which is used to find who has a file open on a server, fails if the file or directory has a long name. To get around this bug, NWCopy now converts all long filenames to their DOS 8.3 equivalent when testing to see if a file is open.

There is now a retry option for servers which were not available during the initial part of the run. If the retry option is checked, these servers are retried after all selected servers have been processed.

You can now choose whether NWCopy should disconnect from a server after connecting to it to copy files.


NWCopy is marketed as shareware. You are granted a 30-day trial period, after which if you continue to use it you are required to register the product. The shareware version has the following limitations that are not present in the registered version:

The cost of a license is $US50 per license for new licenses or $US25 per license if upgrading from a v5.x or earlier license.

A license allows five destination servers to be selected in the NWCopy server list, and removes the 500Mb restriction on volume of source files per copy operation. If you need to copy to more than five servers at a time, you can purchase multiple licenses to cover the required number of servers. Each additional license allows another five servers to be selected.

A license can be upgraded at any time to cover additional servers by purchasing more licenses.

To register the NWCopy, either:

Nick Payne
P.O. Box 4384
Kingston ACT 2604

Registered users will be sent a registration key for the number of servers that have been licensed.

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