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News on the Holden Commodore

Here is some news on the Holden Commodore and related products as I have heard on the grapevine.

Late 2006: VE range released. All new model. Possibly featuring the 6 speed automatic transmission for V8.

January 2006: Due to new Euro 3 emissions regulations, Holden has introduced the L76 variant of the Gen IV 6.0L V8. This L76 replaces all variants of the LS1 Gen III 5.7L V8 that Holden has been using. The L76 produces 260kW and 510Nm. Note that HSV will continue to use the LS2 variant of the Gen IV 6.0L V8.

August 2004: VZ Commodore range and WL Statesman range released. Big news is the all new Alloytec V6 engine. There are two variants, the Alloytec and the Alloytec 190. There is an upgraded four speed automatic and also a new 5L40 five speed automatic transmission, and a new six speed manual transmission. The Alloytec V6 features all alloy construction, DOHC, 24 Valves, and approx 175kW of power, with the Alloytec 190 having 190kW.

December 2003: VY Crewman Cross 8 released, featuring V8 and All Wheel Drive (AWD).

September 2003: Panelvan makes a comeback. VY Ute with HBD Ute Canopy.

September 2003: VY Crewman released.

August 2003: VY Series II range released.

May 2003: VY One Tonner released.

May 2003: VY limited edition SS Wagon released.

April 2003: WK Statesman / Caprice released.

October 2002: VY Commodore / Calais / Ute range released.

December 2001: Holden Monaro, HSV Coupe released.

October 2001: VX Series II HSV range released.

September 2001: VX Series II Commodore / Calais released.

September 2001: VU Series II Ute released.

September 2001: WH Series II Statesman / Caprice released.

January 2001: VU Ute released (VX based).

November 2000: VX HSV range released.

October 2000 : VX Commodore released. No major body changes, V6 and V8 both get 5 kW, bringing V6 up to 152 kW with better fuel economy, and V8 will have 225 kW. All models will have ABS and a CD player as standard. For more info check out the VX Commodore Page .

March 2000: VT Series II GTS released. 300kW 5.7L V8, fastest 4 door production car in the world.

July 1999: VT Series II HSV models released (except for GTS).

June 1999: VT Series II Commodore / Calais released. The big news is the introduction of the Chevrolet LS1 5.7L V8, replacing the Holden 5.0L V8. The new 5.7L V8 produces 220kW & 446Nm. For more info check out the VT Commodore Page .

LS1 V8 in VT Commodore

June 1999: Holden Engine Company is no longer doing any development of its 5.0L V8. This is due to Australia's tough new emissions laws starting in 1998. Holden Engine Company (HEC), cannot justify expenditure on upgrading the Aussie 5.0L V8 due to its small market, so unfortunately modifying an imported V8 is the only option. Above is a pic of a prototype LS1 in a VT, courtesy of Daniel.

WH Caprice

June 1999: WH Statesman / Caprice released (based on VT Commodore). The WH Caprice will be exported to the Middle East as Chevrolet Caprice. Above is a pic of a Chevrolet badged WH Caprice in the Persian Gulf. Thanks to Aardwolf for the pic.

February 1999: Holden has announced that the VT Coupe will go into production, probably next year with a price around $55,000.

VT Coupe VT Coupe

October 1998: Holden has unveiled a production ready VT Commodore Coupe at the Sydney Motor Show. No word yet on whether it will go into production. For more info check out the VT Coupe page .

October 1998: Holden will start exports of VT Commodores to Brazil, they will be badged as Chevrolet Omega CD.

July 1998: The VS Series III Statesman and Caprice is released.

June 1998: The VS Series III Ute is released. There will be a limited run (300) of an SS Ute. The VT Ute is still a fair way off.

May 1998: Holden has started exports of Left Hand Drive (LHD) VT Commodores to the Middle East, and later to Latin America. They are badged as Chevrolet Luminas.

May 1998: There is some speculation that Holden will export LHD VT's to the US, possibly badged as Chevrolet.

The VT Coupe pics appear courtesy of AutoSpeed

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Last modified: 15 January 2006.

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