Warm House Construction


The first image is of my old green house prior to being moved to make way for the new construction.

These are the first images of my new larger Warm House 6m x 4m x 5m high on the same spot.

This shows the early construction of my new warm house using 50mm square tubing and strengthened by the use of C section perlins onto which 100mm squared reinforcing mesh will be attached.

The weldmesh will be covered with Weather Weave (Solar Weave) which is a translucent woven cloth which acts as insulation and a waterproof covering and will be clipped to the mesh so that it doesn’t move in wind. Shadecloth will then be laid over the Weather Weave to reduce the sun’s effects on the plants, and also has a slight insulating property.

I then need to make benches and the final thing to occur is for the floor to be covered with river gravel.

For irrigation, I intend on installing both a misting and fogging system.

I am also researching green house heating systems at present to try and find an economical system.

On Saturday 30th May, my son and I started putting the mesh on the roof.

On Saturday 6th June we finished the roof and the back wall, and Rick tacked the mesh onto the frames. The entrance mesh has been cut and will be put on once the benches are in.

Rick brought home the frames from an old garage he demolished to be made into benches, (Bench Material image) as they were 1.2 metres wide, I had to cut them so that they had a width of 700mm. You can see the cut frames laid out to see how they fit.

Rick welded the frames together, Genny and I painting the benches.

The benches are now finished with mesh on, and painted.

Another milestone reached, all mesh is now on and on Tuesday 15th measured up the SolarWeave and clamped it up ready to attach the following morning.

We started the covering on Wednesday 16th September, and my wife and I got an early start at 7am as rain was expected after lunch and we wanted to get as much of the SolarWeave crimped on as we could before the rain set in.

Well, we got 1/2 an hour in before the rain started............. that’s the last time I listen to the forecasters !  (see last image)

All that was achieved was to secure the leading edge of the SolarWeave before we got drenched. I secured the plastic around the Warm House with quick release clamps at the top, and ran a rope around the base to stop it bellowing in the wind as we were expecting gale force winds over night. Just my luck !!!!!!

I have now attached the Solar Weave to the mesh on  Fri 18th Sept and the last few images show this procedure. The weather has improved except for the wind and I needed to secure the bottom of the Warm House with rope to stop the plastic billowing with the potential to rip the Solar Weave.

Tomorrow, Saturday, I’ll be finishing off the crimping including setting up the windows.

I am now attaching the SolarWeave to both ends of the Warm House, then, once the roof Solar Weave is attached, I’ll then cover it with shade cloth.

On Tuesday 22nd Sept we had a Super Cell weather event and in 20 minutes we had the equivalent of 1/2 of the average September rainfall. Needless to say, work was halted on the construction. (flooded road outside our house)

Inclement weather followed for the next 3 days straight with rain, hail and extreme winds.

The last 3 images  show the rear Solar Weave on the roof slopes and sides now attached. I have lost 3 days due to inclement weather, followed by 3 days of “sick leave” as a result of my bad back flaring up and strained abdominal muscles. :o(

The mesh on the roof is sagging slightly as a result of my son resting his welder on it when welding the roofing mesh. As a result, I have had to buy some more tubing to attach between the roofing frames to support the mesh and straighten it up so that water doesn’t pool after rain.

Adding these extra pieces of tubing between the roofing frames will help support the whirlygigs and give something to attach them to.

Sunday 18th October is a MILESTONE DAY. Rick helped me put the Solar Weave on the roof, and he attached the whirlygig bases, cut out the holes in them, and siliconed the Solar Weave to the bases to make a water tight seal as he is more agile than me at scrambling around the roof.

Sunday 25th October, ANOTHER MILESTONE !

We have now covered the warm house with shadecloth and partially crimped it on as time was running out once we got the roof section on.

Sunday 15th November, ANOTHER MILESTONE !

We have had horrendous heat for the past week staying in the high 30sC up to 40C today. I have finally managed to tension the shade cloth around the base, only able to spend short amounts of time in the excessive heat before having to call it quits. (see video below)

Sunday 22nd November, ANOTHER MILESTONE !

A fresh sheet of plastic was laid on the floor to cover the myriad of welding burns which occurred while welding the mesh onto the benches. The excess floor plastic outside the warm house was folded up to the sides of the house and held with paving bricks to form the “dam” to hold the river gravel and water inside.

Luckily my brother had extra gravel over from a recent garden make over and rather than waste it, offered it to me. There was probably around 1/2 ton which helped me make a start.

I created a gravel bed as a walkway in front of the house to keep the large pavers upright and for cosmetic purposes as well. With the extra gravel I had over after making the path, I started filling the floor in the GH.

Saturday 5th December, ANOTHER MILESTONE !

Thursday and Friday afternoon after work I shifted 2.5 ton of 30mm river gravel into the GH, quite a job.

Earlier in the week, I had the blinds hemmed by an upholsterer to enable tubing to be slid into them for weighing them down. On Saturday, my wife and I installed the first 2 blinds. As we had quite a busy weekend, not much else was achieved.

My son came over today and hung the security door for me, as my pop rivet gun can’t handle the large pop rivets required for security purposes on the hinges.

Sunday 13th December, ANOTHER MILESTONE !

Today I put the plants into the “ORCHIDARIUM” !!!!!

All I have to do now is a few cosmetic additions such as paving the entrance, but, at least the plants are now in, AND BEFORE Xmas. The pressure is now off.

Tuesday 19th January MILESTONE !

Last weekend we cleaned up the backyard clearing away all the “construction site” rubbish and debris getting rid of the remnants of the small GH which I had dismantled.

Today, I finished the paving in front of the entrance, so now consider CONTRUCTION FINISHED !!!!!  :o)))

Saturday 23rd January FINAL MILESTONE !


Today, I finished the surrounds, by making a pathway around the perimeter of the GH to make it aesthetically pleasing and to help hold the paving slabs against the walls aiding in water retention inside.

During the week I received a couple of consignments of orchids from friends to help boost my stocks and now everything is complete, and it looks like a long established “Orchidarium”. ;o)

I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I have, albeit without the blood, sweat and tears which my wife and I have experienced along the way.

So begins a new chapter in my orchid growing life.


26th January 2010

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