The Birth of a 'Centennial Spray' in New Zealand!

These photos will (hopefully) record the construction of our Bruce Roberts
'Centennial Spray 38'.
MANY thanks to Blair Boats for making the project happen!

January 2002


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Starboard Fuel Tank

The tops have finally been fitted to the tanks. All but the water tanks were fitted in December, but the tanks used for drinking water were left unsealed for an additional 3 weeks to aid in solvent evaporation. Each tank lid was glassed and painted, then carefully pre-dilled (so the screws could be aligned onto cleats on the tank baffles). Each lid was glued and screwed into place, and then 2 layers of 600 gm/sqm glass tape were laid over each tank edge and seam. All tank fills, delivery and vent fittings were in place before the lids were fitted. This photo shows the diesel tank on the starboard side of the boat, under the saloon. Fuel will be stored in 2 tanks, each of around 450 Litres.

The beginning of cabinet work in the aft cabin. Each corner of the stern has a deck hatch, and a small locker has been constructed beneath each in the cabin below. Note the reinforcing of the small bulkhead in the centre of the photo: this is to accept additional loading of a chainplate. The rudder bearing housing can be seen at the aft end of the keelson on the right (under a carefully positioned cloth!).

Aft cabin
Rudder before glasssing

The rudder has been constructed over the stainless steel rudder stock using Western Red Cedar blocks. It has been shaped to appropriate dimensions, and 2 layers of heavy glass have been applied to the top and bottom surfaces (this gives added protection for the timber end grain). The pale strip on the trailing edge is a fine glue edge to harden the surface and help protect against damage. The entire rudder will now be glassed using 2 layers of 810 gm/sqm triaxial glass cloth, and will be carefully faired prior to painting.


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