The Birth of a 'Centennial Spray' in New Zealand!

These photos will (hopefully) record the construction of our Bruce Roberts
'Centennial Spray 38'.
MANY thanks to Blair Boats for making the project happen!

December 2002


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All of the cabin top beams have been glued into place, and given three coats of epoxy Everdure. Once these beams have been sanded, we will coat them with an additional 4 coats of polyurethane varnish. Note the six 100mm x 45mm timbers fastened to the tops of the beams. These are temporary braces to maintain the correct curvature in each beam. Although the cabin beams were laminated on a curved jig, the timber "sprang" when released from the jig (as wood does!). When fully varnished, the beams will be braced from below, and a 24mm thick cabin top will be laminated from 3 layers of plywood.

Deck beams from forward
Engine room

The "snug" engine room, looking aft. Most of the sound insulation has been installed on the sides of the compartment. Access to all sides of both the main engine and the auxiliary will be possible from all sides of the engine enclosure.


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