The Birth of a 'Centennial Spray' in New Zealand!

These photos will (hopefully) record the construction of our Bruce Roberts
'Centennial Spray 38'.
MANY thanks to Blair Boats for making the project happen!

March/April 2003


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With the cabin top completely glassed, all of the hatches have been trimmed out. The main companionway has also been framed in, along with the main hatch "garage" which has been pre-painted and is now ready to be fastened down (the lid of the garage is lying upside down forward of the sliding hatch).

Coachhouse and hatches
Cockpit seats

The cockpit seat edges have been fabricated in a mould from 6 layers of double-bias glass cloth and epoxy, strengthened by several perpendicular glass "webs". Note the indent in each side, which is to allow the helm to be removed from the pedestal. The port side seat overhang protects the engine air intake dorade.

The early stages of laying the teak decking. All of the bulwark, fore, side and aft decks have been glassed with 600gm double bias glass cloth to ensure water tightness and teak covering boards have been glued around the margins of the coach house and bulwark. Large blocks have been fixed to the bulwark to support the genoa footblocks and the spinnaker turning blocks. The bulwark amidships has also been thickened to support the genoa track. Also note the opening cut for a rectangular deck prism (there will be 2 of these on each side deck).

Covering boards
Laying teak on the sidedeck

Almost half of the teak has been laid onto the each sidedeck. Temporary fastenings are only being used where absolutely necessary to hold the planking in position while the epoxy cures. No fastenings are placed through the planks, and EVERY hole is carefully filled with resin after the fastenings have been removed in order to maintain the water tightness of the deck.

The teak has been completed on the fore deck, and now just requires caulking and sanding. The check-out in the bulwark on the starboard bow will accommodate a sturdy bronze "spareman", and the check-out on the port side (next to the bowsprit position) is for a smaller bow roller.

Bow teak deck
Aft kingplank

The aft deck teak has also been laid and awaits caulking and sanding....

and the side decks have also been fully laid with teak. All of the holes used to fasten the planks into position have been meticulously filled with resin.

Starboard sidedeck teak
Teak cockpit sole

Teak has been laid onto the cockpit sole as well. Note the mounting base for the steering pedestal. The helm seat has yet to been installed. This will be positioned aft of the existing seats, along the bottom of this photograph.


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