The Birth of a 'Centennial Spray' in New Zealand!

These photos will (hopefully) record the construction of our Bruce Roberts
'Centennial Spray 38'.
MANY thanks to Blair Boats for making the project happen!

July/August 2003


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A 12mm thick cabin sole overlay has been laid in the forward and aft cabins and half of the saloon. As can be seen in the aft cabin, the overlay style is slightly unconventional, as we have used narrow boards of darker timber (Australian Silky Oak) and wider boards of lighter timber (New Zealand Tawa). This is in contrast to more traditional Teak and Holly soles, but will result in a lighter "feel". When the overlay has been completed throughout the boat, it will be sanded smooth, and finished with a hard varnish. The cabin sole will match the leg of our saloon table.

Aft cabin sole starboard side Aft cabin sole port side
Microsurfacer finish

The cabin top has been sprayed with a high-build "microsurfacer" epoxy paint. This is a fairing coating, that allows the cabin top to be easily board sanded to a fair finish. Note that the paint has been sanded through in areas of the cabin top that are slightly higher than others.

Following the microsurfacer, the cabin top has been sprayed with an "Interprotect" epoxy paint. This also allows for additional fairing, and acts as a complete base coat for the undercoat.

Interprotect finish
Perfection undercoat finish

The final coating before gloss top-coat is applied is a polyurethane "Perfection" undercoat. This is very easily sanded, and is taken to a smooth finish with 400 grit paper. Note that a lighter coat has been applied where ever a non-skid surface is to be sprayed.


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