The Birth of a 'Centennial Spray' in New Zealand!

These photos will (hopefully) record the construction of our Bruce Roberts
'Centennial Spray 38'.
MANY thanks to Blair Boats for making the project happen!

Apr/May 2005


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The Perfection Undercoat has now been completely sanded, and the interior has been remasked in preparation for the final topcoat.

Interior masked up ready for topcoat
Final interior paint

Finally, the topcoat has been completed! the paint is a semi gloss, 2-part polyurethane reaction lacquer (except in the head and the shower, where gloss paint has been used). With the exception of the cabin top beams, most of the interior timber trim work (including the cabin sole, which is still covered with protective board in this photo) is still only coated with Everdure. We will finish varnish these parts of the boat after we have launched.

The bootstripe has now been applied. We have also completed the installation of the bow pulpit rail.

Bootstripe and pulpit
Antifouling signal coat

The first coat of antifouling is a "signal coat". This is a hard antifouling of a different colour to indicate the condition of the bottom paint over time. Note that the bootstripe has a slight flair towards the bow. The fasteners for the trailboards can also be seen on the bow.

Two coats of a soft, ablative antifouling have been applied over the signal coat. The colour will lighten after immersion.

Final antifouling
Max Prop fitted

Our variable pitch Max Prop has been fitted to the shaft, and will be coated with a New Zealand product called Prop Speed before launching.

The trailboards, which started out in June 2003 have been gold-leafed and finish painted. These can now be fitted into place on the bow.

Traiboard finish painted


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