The Birth of a 'Centennial Spray' in New Zealand!

These photos will (hopefully) record the construction of our Bruce Roberts
'Centennial Spray 38'.
MANY thanks to Blair Boats for making the project happen!

July 2005 - November 2006


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Dodger complete

The dodger and frame have now been completed. The clear panels can all be removed, creating a cockpit cover more reminiscent of a bimini awning and allowing much better ventilation while still providing sun protection. We call the canvas work our "dodgimini"!

The cockpit showing pedestal and lines. The helm has been removed to provide more space in the cockpit. We still have to sort our stowage for the halyards, sheets and traveller lines, but we'll go sailing first!

Cockpit and dodger
Furling line clutch

We have run the headsail furler control line around the sidedeck along the stanchions. The clutch had to be raised on a bronze bridge to match the height of the stanchion block.

We have continued to varnish the interior trim work. Here, the hull in the starboard pilot berth has been finished, and kauri sealing strips have been fitted between the ringframes.

Sealing strips
She sails!

Finally, we have taken time off doing the interior jobs to do a sailing sea trial! A sedate and gentle sail of around 40nm over 2 days, and our yacht performed wonderfully. In a steady 15 knots, we didn't bother to run the mizzen and and even partly furled the main, just to "get a feel" for how she handles. Just off the breeze we were easily able to achieve 6 knots, even making 7 knots and better at times. With more sail next time, we will be more balanced (without the mizzen hoisted we had a little lee helm).

The superb work of Simon Willis Sails can be seen in the shape of the genoa. We had the full main set for an hour or so, and our yacht was well balanced and sailing with very little heel just off the breeze.

Mooring 1

Looking far more comfortable in a bay after a sail than in a marina!

Another step towards completion of the dream! We still have work to finish though, so it's out of the "lets go sailing" mode again for a while now.... L

Mooring 2


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