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I live in Adelaide, South Australia, and worked for too long as a teacher and lecturer at primary, tertiary and secondary level (in that order). I’m now a freelance technical writer, editor (member of the Society of Editors (SA)), occasional HTML hacker (nothing fancy here — I’m more interested in content than eye candy, and this site is edited with BBEdit, not a WYSIWYG editor), and canoeing instructor.

I count myself as a Bright, and am involved with the local Skeptics group.

Why do I wear a spanner hung around my neck? Here’s an explanation.

Blanche Point

This picture, of Blanche Point and Gull Rock south of Adelaide, was a Pic of the Month on the CSICOP Web site for March 2004. Arrow points to the ‘I doubt it!’ sticker. First time my new Voyager had been at sea

Other interests...


For some information on sea kayaking, I have brief details on the Australian scene with links to Australian and overseas sites, and a number of papers, listed at left

Harking back...

For some years I was a Primary Science specialist, and I’m beginning to put a few of the materials I developed years ago on the site...

Hot air balloons
Instructions, and warnings, on building your own small ones

Cycling and HPVs

To get about the place, I have a choice of two Moulton bicycles and a Greenspeed recumbent trike. Which I choose depends on where I’m going and what I’m doing.

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