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I live in Adelaide, South Australia, and worked for too long as a teacher and lecturer at primary, tertiary and secondary level (in that order). The post-nominals: BA, BEd, Dip Ed, MACS (Snr).

I’m now a freelance technical writer, editor (former member of the Society of Editors (SA), typesetter for Aus Medicines Handbook, occasional HTML hacker (nothing fancy here — I’m more interested in content than eye candy, and this site is edited with BBEdit, not a WYSIWYG editor), and kayaking and canoeing instructor.

I count myself as a Bright, and am involved with the local Skeptics group.

Why do I wear a spanner hung around my neck? Here’s an explanation.

Current editing work

Searchlight masthead

Searchlight, the magazine of the SA Sea Rescue Squadron. (I’m a Radio Operator)

Outdoor News masthead

Outdoor News, the publication of the Outdoor Educators’ Association of SA.

Other interests...

Paddling: canoe and kayak

Sculling support

Here’s Platypus BAT No 50 on its side, demonstrating sculling for support, in the summer of 1975–76.

Overside bow rudder

I have no pictures of myself paddling Sprint but in the late 1970s we paddled Slalom on whatever water we could find. The C1 is a Cuda Max

Valley Etain

Something more recent: in the West Beach marina after being at sea for a couple of hours. The kayak is a Valley Etain: new decklines are visible, footpump and cockpit mods are not.

For some information on sea kayaking, I have brief historical details on the Australian scene with links to Australian and overseas sites, and a number of papers, listed at left

Cycling and HPVs

To get about the place, I have a choice of two Moulton bicycles and a Greenspeed recumbent trike. Which I choose depends on where I’m going and what I’m doing.

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In the past



I was always interested in flying, and held a PPL mid-1960s–mid 1980s. Here’s the Port Lincoln Flying Club’s C-172 VH-RBG sharing the tarmac at Adelaide Airport with TAA Viscount and DC-9 on 15 Nov 1968. (Security would prohibit that these days.) From there I flew it to Kangaroo Island for the weekend, then back to Port Lincoln. Eventually flying became more expensive than it was worth.


Heron 7831

I was in Port Lincoln for about five years in the 1960s and took up sailing, as one does there. I have no pictures of myself sailing, so this is someone else in the boat. The transom made an interesting canvas. I’m a former member of Port Lincoln Yacht Club and Henley Sailing Club. Paddling took more and more time so I finally sold the boat.

Off road

Haflinger RXB-936

The most interesting vehicle I owned, in the 1970s, was a Steyr-Puch Haflinger. Here it is at Antechamber Bay, everything folded down for deliveries along the beach. Pedestrian on the road, but even today it would out-perform the current crop of small 4WDs off-road.


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