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In the late 1980's I was absorbed by the work of K1FO in his pursuit of a VHF and UHF antenna with a great pattern and gain and of course read every work I could get from the then famous HAM RADIO magazine.  I chose to start building 8 of his then experimental 32 element yagis for 432 MHz in the hope I could get going on 432 EME. To build these I traveled to Perth on a holiday to visit Robert VK6KRC and invaded his "toy shop" to use his jigs and tools while he was at work, many thanks Bob.
 Now 20 year later I have finally completed one of the yagis and have it at the very top of my tower.  While his design (K1FO) focused on using the Delron button insulators and clips, in my ignorance I just used what ever correction factors I could lay my hands on to change it to 1/4" elements and no insulators and then in the ultimate insult through a folded dipole at it (original design was for a T match).
I am sure it is no where near where it should be in freq or gain but it seems to work for me, so maybe I was just lucky or the design is very forgiving in my blunders. I hope to have an alternative design going soom (YU7EF) so maybe then I can compare how bad or good it turned out :-)
mounting the free side of the folded dipole.  The white nylon is from a cutting board and is NOT fairing well in the UV.
side view
Side view of my folded dipole, with a mix of K1FO style 4:1 BALUN made from UT141 hardline and a clasic folded dipole
another side view
end view
End view before putting on the boom end cap or weather proofing.
end again
top view
top view of the feed, the BALUN provides some of the mechanical stability for the folded dipole.
Looking at this now I realise the GAP between the dipole is way too wide, maybe thats why the best I could achive was 1.7:1 who knows
K1FO goes on first
okay, no prizes for noticing I have feft the lift rope tied onto the boom (left).  Yes there were some words spoken to myself.. grumble grumble
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