The 6M2WL page and photo's

In the late 80's I had the chance to purchase a M2 antenna for 50MHz, I had done some long battles with a ATN 11 element for 50MHz and my confidence was severly bruised as I am sure my dummy load radiated better than it did.  I had after that built a W1JR 8 element on an extended ATN boom and it was working well but mechanicially it was a wreck waiting to happen. You have to remember this was all pre WWW and there was just magazine articles and word of mouth.
The M2 turned out to be an engineering master piece with a 4 section boom and DELRON element insilators, I was a kid in a candy store with a 40' long yagi Yee Haa.
20 years later I still look at the way the M2 is built and realise I can not duplicate it or do any better in my home workshop, so it remains the king of 50MHz antennas for me.
feed cover
I bult a cover for the coaxial BALUN as the galah's in Alice Springs shredded the first one, so I leave it on even though I do not have level of problems in S.A.  The three holes are for moisture drainage, it slips on from the rear and requires the reflector to be removed.  Photo is on the TUNE stand by the workshop (RG58 with pink survey tape)
along the boom
looking towards the rear of the boom from the centre, shows the overhead DACRON rope for boom support.
front on
side on
side on - feed
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