The NEC NJD-4510 PSU page and photo's

Power Supply

The NEC amplifiers need a healthy supply of 28V to operate and I only had 12V and 48V high current supplies.  This switchmode PSU's had powered multiple NEC V360 amplifiers so they seemed to be a good choice for running all the shacks 28V needs

These supplies were run on multi phase input supply and require a little bit of modifcation to run on 240Vac single phase.  In reality, I replaced the old input connector with a fused and filtered IEC socket I bougth from Altronics (photo later I hope).  The removed the original NEC output connector and used the exiting heavy output leads to fit some Anderson Power pole connectors.

I have these power poles configured with + and - stacked above each others so no 12V leads will fit into them, just to avoid those frenzied moments when the wrong lead is plugged into the wrong PSU.

NJD front

Original front panel of the NJD4500 showing the muti fuction control connector and 4 pin mains connector

NJD Rear
Rear view of the PSU case

mains input
Original 4 pin AC input connector

NJD Model info
Make and Model  information

NJD insides
Top view of the PSU with lid off

original input connector, which I removed in favour of a filtered and fused IEC socket. Be warned  in stock form these are setup for a multi phase input supply.  
You need to modify the input wiring but I am not comfortable publishing these details in case some gets it wrong and blames me for an injury or loss.

CAUTION: when removing the original mains socket, there is a lock nut on the top left screw as the mains earth is attached to it.
The front panel should be removed for access to the nut on the back, removing the panel is quite straight forward.

The multi core control cable seen here feeds through to the rear connector, it can be safely removed when the rear connector is pulled out

control cable to rear
The two left most pins (looking from the front) of the multi pin connector on the front panel need to be shorted to enable the PSU to start up.  
I have circled them in red
remove connector
multi core removed and ready to be pulled back through the maze of red and blue output cables

IEC in place
IEC connector in place, this is a fused and filtered version (Altronics P8370A) that I thought appropriate.
rear of IEC
Rear view of the IEC mains connector on the front panel, original earth wire in place under mounting screw.
PSU with fron panel off
PSU sitting upright, fron panel off, mains cct breaker supported on roll of solder.
rear connector
This is the rear connector, I un-soldered each of the Red and Blue leads from it then completely removed the connector.
This is where that multi core from front control boad comes to.
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