Yue Jia Quaun

Yueh Fei Kung Fu or Yue Jia Quan (YJQ)is a martial arts training system of Chinese heritage. It is believed that the system is over 850 years old and is attributed to Yue Fei, a famous General of the Southern Sung Dynasty. This Website does not intend to be used as a historical reference. Its aim is to give students an overview of current training practices from the perspective of this school alone and as a promotional source.

The current principle trained directly under the arts Master and has trained and taught consistently for 30 years. The long process of initially assisting in training sessions to running the school allows one to be as well prepared for the full integration come the Master’s retirement. After a decade (2009) of running all facets of this school, there has been time to process the skills learnt and without reinventing the wheel, develop ones personal brand of instruction.

Image of Yue Fei's temple

Image: General Yue Fei's mausoleum. Taken at Hangzhou, China, 2003

This school values the styles historical and cultural heritage, but realised that certain changes had to be implemented that would allow further development into the future. Society is a much different entity nowadays and time constraints, a general high level of learning capability and higher level of physical well being has meant that an advanced levelled more compressed training structure has been adopted.

YJQ implements a training model consisting of four key criteria that combined, form the complete style, these are as follows:

  • Technique – a physical aspect eg warm-ups/patterns/forms
  • Application – testing the technique in an applicative manner
  • Isometrics (Chi Kung) – an internal characteristic that develops the power
  • Meditation – exercising the mind that allows further development of the previous three attributes

This model is underpinned by three key performance indicators known as the TET methodology (Timing; Effort & Technique) that allow students to set personal goals and demonstrate a quantifiable assessment model.

Please feel free to contact YJQ with any serious enquires on hlf_advert@hotmail.com

No other schools of this or similar name are affiliated with this school. The training methodology used has been independently developed at this school over many years by this schools Master. It is designed to concentrate the training regime through a unique training system that simply works.

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