I am married with two primary school aged children. Over the last few years I have had to accept the fact that my own body shape has changed. This has prompted me to rethink which garments now flatter my shape. Now that I have returned to work part-time, I have had to consider the business side of my wardrobe, too.

Style Call was born out of my desire to give all women an opportunity to feel great about themselves, by helping them select flattering garments to suit their unique body shape. If you're wearing an outfit that compliments your shape you'll feel great, and this in turn has a positive affect on all aspects of your life. Style Call helps you to start making these important changes from the comfort of your own home.

When we've settled on your new look, the accompanied shopping service that I offer is an enjoyable way to learn how to shop effectively and efficiently.

I understand how women these days just don't have enough time for themselves, let alone clothes shopping. To help solve this problem, I also offer a 'post consultation' shopping service through which I purchase the clothes you need on your behalf. I'll revamp your wardrobe while you see to other commitments. You'll save time and still look fabulous!

With my help, being short on time never need mean being short on style.