“Learning about my style personality made me feel like an individual and confirmed who I really am. A good investment that has made me feel better about myself!”


“I really enjoyed having someone to shop with. I felt I could rely on Kathy to tell me the truth if a garment did not suit me. Kathy knew exactly what I needed to buy …”


“Very knowledgeable about different styles, colours, body types. An opportunity to “clean out” my wardrobe – lots of ways to improve what is currently in my wardrobe.”


“Kathy encouraged me to be more experimental with the clothes I have and observe more closely fashion trends to update clothes I have and keep cost down.”


“Was fun to discuss clothes with someone who knew what they were talking about! Great to get an independent, honest view on my wardrobe. Suggestions were helpful and practical. Made me clean out my wardrobe, which was desperately needed. Enabled me to think about wardrobe as a whole rather than in an ad hoc way.”


“Something for me! Taking time to talk/think about clothes… something I know I need to do but always put on the bottom of my “to do” list.”


“It was fun to go through my wardrobe with someone for feedback and to discover new options/combinations.”


“Directed my shopping approach to be more organised, looking for items I need instead of simply buying. I enjoyed going through my wardrobe and actually seeing what's in there – how noticeable my colour and style choices are.”


“There was a time when I would just put on whatever was clean and ironed! Now I am actually thinking about my wardrobe before I go to bed, ready for the next day. I have started to assess what I need for the coming season and am excited about looking around at up coming fashions and trends. Every woman should do this for herself!! Thank you Kathy – I look forward to improving my look!”