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Royal Flying Corps history in Wikipedia

Read Harry Tabor’s WW1 Diary, or click link in  RFC History in Wikipedia site above.

For the details of the movement of the 23rd division to Northern Italy

Italian diary of the war

Forgotten British soldiers in Italian Battle WW1

War diary  for Asiago Battle June 15th 1918 part of Memorial for Harry Priest   

Christmas Day Raid 1917


The Royal Flying Corps in World War 1”  by Ralph Barker  ISBN-84119-470-0

Asiago Italy”  (15/16 June 1918  Battle in the Woods and Clouds) by Francis Mackay

ISBN 0 85052 759 7

Highly recommended reading for anyone interested in a very detailed and well researched account of this battle.

Hugh Daltons ebook tells of his time in Northern Italy in WW1,  free download from address below-

Offensive Patrol” The story of the RNAS, RFC, and RAF in Italy 1917-1918 by Norman Macmillan

ISBN 0 09 116180 0

The author was in the RFC in Italy, so writes from personal experience, and with great detail.

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