T H E   G O D   W H O   E X P E R I E N C E S

                 H U M A N I T Y !


                   The Immediacy and Ultimacy of God as SPIRIT.



                   K e v i n V. M o r a n .    

                   (L.Th., Melbourne, Australia.)






          Chapter 1.    "BEING". (The meaning of Being.)

          Chapter 2.    "SPIRIT". (The meaning of Spirit.)

          Chapter 3.    radical Change in Thinking.

          Chapter 4.    Reflections on the Theme.

          Chapter 5.    Time, Process, and Spirit.

          Chapter 6.    Bipolarity of existence - Spirit, Good and Evil.

          Chapter 7.    Jesus, Spirit, and the Trinity.

          Chapter 8.    Evil, Death, and Spirit.

          Chapter 9.    THE GOD WHO EXPERIENCES US!





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