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This link originally led to a web page that no longer exists outside of the archives, so I have transferred the material here.    Neil Jensen died shortly after the last entry.  

I liked Neil.  He had wit and the courage of his convictions.   He liked nothing better than a good conspiracy, any conspiracy, and his belief in a vast medical one against effective alternative treatments ultimately brought him down.   

The sad thing for me is that his rectal cancer apparently never metastasised (spread to other parts of the body).   He died rather miserably from local  invasion of the cancer.   In retrospect we can be fairly certain that the recommended surgery and radiotherapy would have saved his life, but at the expense of a permanent colostomy.   Would he have chosen differently if he had known this?  Probably not - --  I once suggested to him that he reconsider, but he was not interested in anything other than proving everyone was wrong about alternative cancer treatments.

I have left in references to those treating him, including my old mate Vince Gammill, a chemist with whom I have crossed horns on a few occasions, and who seems to be the driving force behind the San Diego Clinic.    Vince acts as a kind of cheer leader and in a self-promotional role on alternative cancer mailing lists, mostly rubbishing conventional treatments and hinting vaguely at spectacular results being obtained with alternatives.    He impresses the laity with  his use of technical jargon.  He writes well- I  envied him his ease with words.  

I am not sure how sincere Vince is.   He seems to favour a different selection of alternative treatments every few months or so, suggesting a lack of success with the previous lot.   He likes to portray himself as being at the cutting edge of alternative cancer care.  He is currently promoting IPT,   essentially low-dose chemotherapy.  This seems to be a popular resort for those desperate to come up with something to which the ralternative" brand name can be attached but which   also has some visible effect on some cancers.   The resort to such a maligned conventional modality as  chemotherapy is a  testament to the basic ineffectiveness of the innumerable other measures such alternative therapists will have tried.      

 I have challenged Vince publicly to come right out and tell his readers what treatments he has had success with and what those successes were, without any luck.   He predictably blamed Neil's death on his running out of money for the treatments, but there is no evidence that any of Vince's treatments did anything.   Only  inadequate surgery  by a grossly  irresponsible Mexican surgeon (the cancer was already known to be through the bowel wall) produced some temporary relief of symptoms.     

Here is Neil's introduction to his cancer diary, followed by the diary itself.


This part of Sumeria is now receiving more of my attention, while my faith in alternative medicine is being put the ultimate test!

On May 1, 2001 (Mayday, how appropriate!) I was diagnosed with stage II rectal cancer. The MD told me, in general terms, what procedures they would use on me (surgery & radiation therapy) and I found myself going along with it. It was when they told me what parts of my body they planned to slash out that I came to my senses and decided to use the Web to learn all I can about both orthodox and alternative approaches to treating cancer. I began my research with the links and articles on this page. As a result of my research, I have become convinced that my only hope of coming out of this thing relatively whole is by choosing alternative medicine over the orthodox "Slash, Burn and Poison" (Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy) approach to cancer treatment that has been failing since the 1950s except, of course, in making some people, corporations, and (so called) charitable organizations extremely wealthy. Statistically it offers little or no hope. I am keeping a diary of my progress
(" to document that, contrary to the NCI's pronouncements, alternative cancer treatments actually do work. Of course, in the event that the alternative treatments that I have chosen fail, and I'm confident it they won't, that too will be documented.

Wish me luck,

Neil Jensen

Rectal Cancer Treatment Progress

Last updated Wednesday, March 26, 2003

04/20/2001: It begins! I had been bleeding from the bowels for some time and it seemed that something was blocking the opening making elimination difficult. A colonoscopy was performed at the VA Hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico which revealed a large rectal tumor (" blocking the anus. A biopsy was taken.

05/01/2001: The doctor informed that the tumor is malignant as I was leaving my final post-surgery clinic for the acute appendectomy I had on the morning of March 12 but that's a whole other story.

I hung around the VAMC for of another appointment in the afternoon. They stuffed barium down one end of me and up the other and something was injected into my bloodstream to make the veins stand out while they perform a cat scan. All in all, a thoroughly unpleasant experience!

05/01/2001: I am sent to an outside doctor to have ultrasound tests performed to see if the tumor penetrates the rectal wall. It does. This doctor then tells me that they will have to remove my sphincter and the lower part of my rectum. Then they will give me a permanent stoma (an opening from one body cavity to another or to the outside) and a cute little bag to poop in (colostomy ( I fail to get excited over the prospect. In 1992 when I was in the hospital with diverticulitus, another doctor wanted to remove my colon and give me one of these cute little bags. I said no then, and after studying the procedure and it's side effects I have decided that I do not want to live with such a thing.

05/07/2001: I have been exploring alternative, non-toxic cancer medicine and decide that it is the way to go. After much study, I place my order for a supplement package ( of Cantron-32 oz., Megazyme Forte Tabs (enzymes), Shark Liver Oil, Alpha Factor (Colostrum), OPC's-Formula (anti-oxidant), Noni capsules and Squalamax. The total price for the package: $260.59 plus $5.95 shipping. UPS sent me email that afternoon informing me that it would be here on Monday the 14th. I browbeat myself for not specifying 2nd day air because bowel movements are becoming extremely difficult due to blockage by the tumor.

05/14/2001: The package arrived today and I began taking the supplements at 11:00AM.

05/15/2001: Can it happen this fast? This morning, less than 24 hours after starting the regimen (, I was able to have my first non-Magnesium Citrate induced bowel movement in several weeks.

05/16/2001: The improvement noted yesterday continues today.

05/21/2001: I am now entering my second week on the supplements and, at this time, it is not possible for me to report much progress. The noted improvement of the 15th may or may not be real. It seems to come and go. I can have bowel movements in the morning. Later on in the day it becomes more difficult. There are definite changes however. A dull pain is beginning to be almost constant. Otherwise, my overall health and energy level seem to be improving.

05/23/2001: Well, once again it was necessary for me to drink a bottle of Magnesium Citrate in order to evacuate my bowels. It's like riding on a yo-yo.

05/24/2001: Today I received a letter from the University of New Mexico Cancer Research Center telling me that I have an appointment with them on the 5th of June at 9 AM. The letter fails to reveal the purpose of the appointment. The VA has not told me anything either, so I decided to call UNM to learn the purpose of the visit. The woman who answered the phone brought my name up on the computer and after a brief pause said "You're coming in for radiation therapy", to which I replied "No I'm not!" She: "Does that mean that you want to cancel?" Me: "May as well, I have decided not to subject myself to radiation therapy". She: "Why not? "Me: "Because I have done some research and found that it has been proven to cause more harm than good. It is a well known fact that radiation is carcinogenic. Furthermore, it tends to destroy the immune system the one thing that needs to be strengthened." Then I asked her for the name of my Doctor so that I can call him and let him know of my decision." (In the VAMC it's a constant game of "musical Doctors.")

I was told back on Mayday that the doctors at the VA would meet the following week to discuss my case and that I would be called in for a consultation in which we would discuss the planned treatment. At this time I would be able to accept or reject their plan. Of course I had already decided to reject it and work with non-toxic, holistic methods of healing the tumor, i.e. Cantron, diet, et al.

Now don't get me wrong, I am grateful for what the VA has done for me. Without them I would already be dead from a ruptured appendix with peritonitis last March. I realize that doctors, for the most part, have a genuine concern for their patients. I do wish they would keep me involved in the decision process though. This is, after all, a life or death situation My Life, My possible Death! I plan to call the doctor who referred me to UNM next week and let him know that I have decided to decline treatment and request that I be placed on an "Observation Only Protocol". Still unable to evacuate my bowels today.

05/24/2001: I made telephone contact with another Cantron user who lives in the nearby town of Mountainair, New Mexico in my local calling area. At his suggestion, I have gone from taking 1/4 tsp. of Cantron every six hours to 1/4 tsp. every four hours with a double dose just before bedtime. I generally sleep around six hours each night.

05/25/2001: Unable to have a bowel movement again today until around 9:30 PM when I discharged something bloody and stringy looking. Then I proceeded to have the first relatively normal bowel movement I have had in over a month! I don't know exactly what happened but I like it.

05/26/2001: The good news continues today. The tumor is still blocking the anal canal, but not nearly as much as it has been.

05/28/2001: Still riding on the yoyo. My bowels have become plugged yet once again and I will probably have to resort to another dose of Magnesium Citrate.

Also, I purchased a 3cc syringe from a local vetenary supply store today for 15 cents and will begin using it to take the nightly double dose rectally, I had attempted to do it previously using a graduated dropper without success.

More Magnesium Citrate again today. Aaaargh!

05/29/2001: With a guard to keep the syringe from going in too far and a little flax seed oil for lubrication, the syringe worked perfectly.

06/01/2001: After several attempts during the week I was finally able to contact my Doctor at the VA today and inform him that I had cancelled the radiation therapy appointment and that I will not, under any circumstances, undergo radiation or chemotherapy. I have not entirely ruled out surgery, but only as a last resort. I told him what I was doing to treat the cancer and requested that I be placed on an Observation-Only protocol. I expected to receive a lecture but it didn't happen. He set up an appointment for me with another surgeon at 9AM on Tuesday, the fifth of June.

I was able to have a relatively normal bowel movement tonight!

06/02/2001: Bowels still moving today! I substituted Tahitian Noni juice for the capsules.

06/05/2001: I met with the VA surgeons today and, as I had hoped, they were quite supportive of my decision, although they disagreed with it. They agreed to keep me under observation and I have another appointment on the third of July. They wished me full recovery although they remain quite sceptical of the outcome. I now have my Doctor's telephone number and email address in the event that I need to contact him.

Although my bowels are a little tight, I was able to come home from the VA and have a bowel movement. Wonderful! I have been discharging a brown substance with the consistency of egg whites, exactly as predicted by my Cantron supporters a good sign.

06/06/2001: There was a large discharge of blood from my bowels this morning. I was a bit concerned, but it was followed by a relatively thorough elimination which leads me to believe that is was part of the process of healing. Possibly even a breakthrough.

Yesterday at the VA, my Doctor recommended that I add an iron supplement to my diet to offset such blood losses. It is probably a good idea.

06/07/2001: I met with two doctors from the VA Hospital Oncology Department today. Once again, I was expecting to be met with opposition toward my decision and, once again, I was wrong. While they both felt that my decision was the wrong one and felt an "ethical obligation" to tell me their recommendations, they supported my decision and agreed to work with me to keep tabs on my condition. The younger of the two said that she is very interested to see how my chosen method of treating the cancer works.

They set up an appointment for me on June 19 with the GU clinic for a flexible sigmoidoscopy. I will have to drink a bottle of Magnesium Citrate and do two Fleet enemas prior to the appointment. Thank goodness I won't have to drink four liters of Golytely first!

06/08/2001: I had an appointment with a doctor in the VA Hospital Urology department today. Among other things, we discussed my cancer and I told him why I have refused radiation and chemotherapy. I said that It is my opinion that cancer cannot exist in a body with a properly functioning immune system. He agreed. I also told him that both radiation and chemotherapy destroy the immune system -- the very thing that must be strengthened to fight cancer. He replied "Yes, they do destroy the immune system." I pointed out that he had just agreed with me that I should refuse radiation and chemotherapy. and he did not deny it.

06/17/2001: No news is indeed good news.

06/19/2001: Today was a big day, I had a flexible sigmoidoscopy (" and I just don't know what to think. I look at the picture one time and there appears to be a section of the tumor missing. I look at it again and there appears to be two tumors instead of one. Perhaps someone with a better-trained eye than mine can compare it to the Colonoscopy pictures (" and provide some feedback.

07/04/2001: I have declared today to be Independence Day Independence from tobacco, that is. I also started taking about 1/2 AA Capsule of bloodroot once a day.

I received email today from an old friend that I had not heard from in awhile. He offered me the use of an ozone generator (" which I gratefully accepted.

07/06/2001: Added Hydrazine Sulfate ( to my regimen today.

07/07/2001: Day four without tobacco. I'm only pacing the floor now instead of climbing the walls.

07/08/2001: I learned today that the drug I am taking as part of my smoking cessation program, Bupropion HCL (aka Zyban) (, will interfere with the therapeutic action of Hydrazine Sulfate ( I have therefore decided to stop taking the Hydrazine until I get off of the Bupropion. This is another opportunity, not a setback. My resolve to not smoke another cigarette just got a whole lot stronger.

07/11/2001: I tried a bloodroot tea enema (2 teaspoons Bloodroot and 1 Cup water steeped for 3 Hours). I didn't leave it in long because It was pretty intense. I have ordered some more and plan to experiment around a bit because it did seem to do some good. My bowels were much freer the next day. This is a recommended treatment for hemorrhoids which I also have. Bloodroot will also remove warts, moles and some carcinomas when used in a paste with zinc chloride and other ingredients (Black Salve).

07/13/2001: Took the last of my bovine colostrum today and cannot afford to buy any more, at least for awhile. Also cut down on the squalamax from two capsules twice a day to one capusle twice a day for the same reason. I also had two root canals removed because I'm sure that they were weakening my immune system. They should have been removed years ago but I didn't have the money. Luckily I now have dental insurance so it only cost $50.00 out of pocket. It looks like I'll be on a liquid diet for awhile. All in all it was quite a Friday the Thirteenth.

07/16/2001: My Laetrile arrived today. There was a mixup in the order so it was a long time in coming and I was beginning to fear that I had been ripped off. I began taking three 500mg tablets per day with 10,000 units of vitamin A from fish liver oil. This is also my last day as a coffee drinker, it was replaced with green tea an excellent antioxidant.

07/18/2001: The sutures from the oral surgery on the thirteenth were removed today and I instantly felt much better. One of the sites were the root canal was removed has abscessed, however, so I cannot put in my lower plate and I am on a liquid diet.

07/19/2001: I decided to compromise and take one Squalamax capsule three times a day with the Laetrile. The tumor has been a little bit painful today although I am still eliminating OK.

08/09/2001: Thanks to a lovely lady from Santa Fe, I am able to resume the bovine colostrum. I found a source just a few blocks from my home, Rio Grande Herbs, that is much less expensive then what I had been paying. I bought a bottle of Conjugated Linoleic Acid ( while I was there and started taking two a day.

08/14/2001: No pain for the past few days and relatively normal bowel function. The colostrum, in five days, has made a skin fungus outbreak dissappear. It had dissappeared when I was using colostrum before but came back when I stopped. Today marks ten weeks of quality life since my scheduled radiation therapy. Each day is like icing on the proverbial cake."

I have been trying to find a source for raw milk and found it today! To understand why I consider this to be such a fine thing, see the ra campaign for Real Milk." ( website.

10/23/2001: I have been somewhat remiss in keeping this chronicle up to date lately. I suppose that I just ran out of "gas." Here is a brief synopsis of what has happened in the past month or so. I had an appointment with the VA surgeon at on the first Tuesday in September. We had an interesting conversation with no tests or other procedures being performed. I told him that had a lot of energy and felt healthy, other than, of course, the "Monster" that lives in my sit down. I think that he had expected to find me in pain and wanting him to go ahead with the surgery and seemed to be a bit surprised that I did not, and possibly just a tiny bit disappointed. I cannot read his mind though and may be imagining the last part. Nevertheless, I DO know for a fact that he is genuinely concerned for my welfare and hopes the best for me. He scheduled me for another Flexible Sigmoidoscopy on December 6.

The next day I ran out of Cantron, OPCs, Megazyme Forte, Squalamax and had no money to buy more. I acquired enough money about a week later and ordered them on, of all days, September 11. So, another week drifted by without being able to take some of my most important supplements. When the package finally arrived on the 18th, the Megazyme Forte, one of the more important components, was missing. I sent email to the company and was informed that it had been back ordered and would be shipped as soon as it came in. It finally arrived about a week later. All in all, I went approximately three weeks without being able to take major parts of my Cancer Treatment. During that time the tumor began to grow and now seems to be involving the sphincter muscle. Now that I am back on the full regimen, the darned thing seems to have stopped growing again. I surely hope that is more than just my imagination.

Right now my main problem is that I will run out of Cantron tomorrow or Thursday and must decide whether to buy more or pay my rent on the first of November. The rent will probably win, I'll just have to go with the flow and see what happens. I have discovered a site that sells "Protocel" (, another version of Cancell/Entelev, Cantron. This one is supported by the Sheridan family, the family of the inventor of the substance.

10/24/2001: Good news and bad news today. The good news is that the tumor seems to be shrinking quite a bit as evidenced by a nearly normal bowel movement this morning, the first in over a month. The bad news is that I ran out of Cantron last night, a bit sooner than I expected, and will have to make a decision between ordering more or paying my rent on the first. I suppose that I should buy the Cantron (or Procel) today and cross the "rent bridge" when I get to it. Hmmmm, decisions, decisions, decisions.

10/25/2001: Well, I may be sleeping under a bridge next month, but by golly I'll have my bottle of Protocel ( clutched tightly to my breast.

10/09/2001: Hmmmm, I made an entry sometime before the end of Octrober that a job recovering data from a computer and printing it came in that allowed me to catch up on my bills, including rent. Somehow it failed to be uploaded to the server. They DO say that first thing to go is the mind ;-) Now onto the news of the Sixth of December:

12/06/2001: I had a flexible sigmoidoscopy this morning the last one I will have and it shows that the tumor is growing.

I seemed to be doing well, with the tumor showing signs of shrinking up until September 11. I watched as that second aircraft slammed into the WTC on CNN, and in that moment I saw the future. I saw a future in which the aura of illegitimacy that was hanging over the office of The President of our United States would suddenly dissappear, giving Bush a legitimacy as President that he does not deserve. In that moment too, I realized that we would soon be involved in a war in Afganistan something the Bush gang has wanted for a long time so that they can build their "Silk Route" pipeline (" Most of all, in that moment I realized that those in power would seize upon the situation and use it to convince the sheeple to willingly exchange ra little freedom" for the promise of ra little temporary safety". Each of these things has come to pass and with each new revelation of the denial of civil rights by the emerging Police State, my anger grows and my desire to live becomes a little weaker. I watched TV with clenched fists as Attorney general Ashcroft dodged questions about civil rights from members of the U.". House of Representatives most of whom have a poor track record on Civil Rights themselves.

Yes, the fact that I had to do without my supplements for a few weeks was also a factor, but in retrospect, it was/is a minor factor in comparison to the emotional turmoil that I now feel.

01/02/2002: I was able to find a scanner today to use to make a scan of the tumor iamge from 12/06/2001 (" I will be flying to San Diego in the morning to receive treatment. I'll probably be gone about a week, wish me luck.

01/17/2002: I have returned from the San Diego area, spending much more time there than I had expected to. I stayed at the Americana Motel in San Ysidro which is about three miles from Tijuana. The Motel provided transportation to and from the San Diego Clinic in Tijuana each day for no extra charge. I highly recommend it. I will elaborate on the trip and what occurred there as soon as I feel up to it. I will also post the regemin that they have me on for the next two months when I am scheduled to return.

01/24/2002: The flight to San Diego via Southwest Airlines -- provided by my employer ( as a Christmas Bonus -- was uneventful. I was picked up at the airport by V.G who, after spending the day with me, took me to the Americana Inn in San Ysidro where I lived for the next ten days. The inn provided daily shuttle service to and from the San Diego Clinic (" in Tijuana at no extra charge. There were a lot of people staying at the Inn who were attending the Hoxey clinic and riding the shuttle.

My first visit to the clinic was on Friday, January 4, 2002. They took a sample of my blood and gave me IV Therapy, first chelation, followed with a megadose of vitamin C, minerals, SOD (Super-Oxy-Dismutase) and amino acids. The procedure was repeated the following day, Saturday, and again on Monday and Tuesday.

Following the IVs on Tuesday I was driven to the office of Dr. Emilio Vargas Huerta, a proctologist in Tijuana, who examined the tumor. On Wednesday I was checked into the hospital and, using a Bovie, Dr Vargas Huerto cut out the part of the tumor that was accessable from inside the rectum, without cutting into the rectal wall. This was followed by fulguration ( (electro-cauterization). Later that evening, while I was recuperating from the operation, he told me that in the U.". they have a one-fits-all procedure where they just cut everything out, create stoma (an opening from one body cavity to another or the autside) through which they pull the end of the colon and attach a colostomy bag to it (an apt description of what they wanted to do at the VA Hospital). He, on the other hand, had performed an operation that was custom designed just for me an operation that he had developed using over forty years experience as a proctologist. He called it ra work of art" and, judging from the results, I agree.

The next morning (Thursday), and for the next two days, the IV treatment was repeated at the San Deigo Clinic. On the last day, Saturday, Dr. Munoz gave me prescriptions for supplements, a bag of injectable drugs and a handful of syringes. The fulguration is said to trigger an immune response and following regemin is mostly designed to stimulate that response:
Allergostop (" - Formulated
From my own blood
(Subcutaneous) Mon. 0.20cc - Wed. & Fri. 0.40cc
Use each of 4 numbered vials for one week in ascending order, stop 4 weeks and repeat
Factor AF2 (" ( (Intramuscular) Tuesday - Saturday
Mix one vial of each in 5cc syringe For 5 weeks
Eurixor (" - From Mistletoe (Subcutaneous) Thursday
One vial for 6 weeks
Vitamin C 1,000 mg 3-times per day for 2 week,
then 2,000 mg 3 times per day
Alpha Lipoic Acid ( 100 mg 3 times per day
N-Acetyl Cysteine ( 600 mg 3 times per day
Benzaldehyde ("html) 160 mg 3 times per day
Folic Acid ( 1,000 mcg 3 times per day
Vitamin B6 ( 100 mg per day
Beta glucan ( 100 mg 3 times per day
Mung beans ( Routinely

I flew back to Albuquerque on Sunday, Janury 12 and will have to return to Tijuana in March for a followup visit. I must admit that I was a little paranoid, in the airport and during the flight, about the bag of syringes in my checked luggage. I was half-expecting to be met at the Albuquerque ariport and questioned about them. Thankfully, it didn't happen.

I was extremely apprehensive about giving myself shots something I've never done before. The subcutaneous ones though, proved to be almost completely painless, except for the Eurixor which causes a welt that lasts for around five days, followed by intense flu-like symptoms about 12 hours later. The intramuscular injections are another story altogether. They hurt a lot and keep on hurting for several hours. The fact that I am injecting 4cc doesn't help a lot either. Thankfully they are only required twice a week.

I recently started to have a reaction to the Benzaldehyde which has begun to give me relatively severe heartburn. Taking it with meals helps but I have had to reduce the dose by half.

01/27/2002: I had to leave work early Friday because of the flu-like symptoms caused by the Eurixor. I slept for 12 out of the next 17 hours and arose Saturday feeling better than I have in over a year! Bowel function is excellent and there is no pain. I found out that the flu-like symptoms are a normal reaction to Eurixor and will try adjusting the timing of the injection from Thursday night to Friday morning so that I can put in a full day's work. It will mess up the first part of the weekend but that's preferable to taking time off work.

I have been experimenting with the benzaldehyde dosage and, using a form of reflexology, letting my body tell me how much to take. I took the whole recommended dose today without problem.

02/08/2002: I injected the Eurixor last Friday morning just before I went to work at 9 AM and the flu-like symptoms didn't come on until around 10 PM. I went to bed without setting the alarm and woke up nine hours later feeling good until I gave myself the IM injection that is.

During a conversation with a customer last week, the subject drifted to health as it often does these days and I heard myself speaking about my cancer in the past tense! It was a real shock. The words "When I had cnacer...." just came out on their own. I know that I'm not out of the woods yet but my sense of well-being grows with each passing day and a small amount of physical exertion no longer tires me out. I have to be on constant guard because it is easy to slip back into old eating habits which include a lot of sugar and TFAs.

02/25/2002: Good news from the VA today. The results of my blood tests were fantastic. Hemoglobin - Normal, Liver Function - Normal, CEA markers ( - 0.8 (less than 3.0 is considered to be normal!), White Cell count slightly high, which is exactly what a lot of the stuff i've been taking to stimulate the immune system is supposed to do. There is no discernable rectal blood whatsoever! A rectal exam found a small growth, most likely a hemorrhoid, near where the tumor used to be.

The Nurse Practitioner that I have been seeing at the VA said "It looks like you're doing the right thing, keep doing it." Yessssss! After a year of hearing that I was doing the wrong thing by not letting them slice me up, irradiate and poison me, it was music to my ears.

03/21/2002: Not much change lately, and that's good. I am going to drive to San Deigo next Saturday, March 23, for a followup visit. My boss, one of the finer men I've known during this lifetime, offered to pay my travel expenses without even being asked to do so. Driving will allow me to take a few items to help make the motel more like home.

06/11/2002: I have been remiss in keeping this Journal up to date, partly because the tumor began to grow again quite aggressively about a month and a half ago and I didn't want to be the bearer of bad tidings. At its present rate of growth it will be soon as large as it was prior to Fulgaration in January. Of course I am checking out other alternatives while maintaining the supplements to the extent that my budget will allow. My friend David Kelly, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, has been giving me accunpuncture treatments twice a week. These sessions have improved my sense of well-being, reduced the pain and brought a lot of new energy. It has also given me energy to work against negative emotions, something that has been lacking lately. Thank you David!

06/12/2002: I had a checkup at the VAMC this afternoon and the results show that I am disgustingly healthy except for the tumor which is approximately 3cm in diameter and bleeding again.

01/28/2003: Not much has changed. The tumor is still about 3cm in diameter and bleeding. Right now my treatment consists of 27gms of vitamin C and 24gms of L-Lysine per day and the bi-weekly sessions of accupuncture. I have been approved for free supplements and lab tests for Dr. Matthias rath's all natural, approach to cancer (" The problem so far is finding the required clinical trial that is still accepting subjects. I have been trying to call a Dr. in California for two weeks now with the same result line busy. I'll try not to let so much time pass before the next update.

03/26/2003: I have pretty much given up on the rath protocol. Mostly, it seemed to be giving me gas and constipation. Currently my regimen consists of accupuncture twice a week, cottage cheese and flaxseed oil plus vitamin C complex, L-Lysine, Benzaldehyde, B6, folic acid and colostrum. This pushes my budget to the limit. I get the Benzldehyde free, and buy the C complex and L-lysine by the pound and cap them myself. The B6 and folic acid I buy when I can afford them.

I have been distressed at the ingredients in the cottage cheese that is available. This includes not only the supermarket variety but that sold in the so called "Healthfood" or "Natural" food stores as well. ALL of it contains a long list of ingredients, including non-fat dry milk with its associated rancid cholesterol and other assorted less than healthy things.

Having tired of consuming this garbage, I decided to how learn to make my own. I searched the Web for recipes and found many, ranging from the overly simple to the overly complex. I compiled my own recipe from several of these sources and, as an experiment, made my first batch last night using only two cups of milk. It was fantastic! The only ingredients in it are unhomogenized whole milk from grass-fed cows, acidophilus and a touch of salt. Tomorrow I will start another batch using a whole gallon of milk. All totaled, it takes less than 45 minutes to make a batch not counting the fermentation period which, after innoculation, happens by itself. If anyone would like the recipe, use the contact info which can be accessed via Sumeria's home page and I will email it to you.

This regimen seems to be slowing the tumor growth but not stopping it, let alone reversing it. With each passing day is seems more ironic that I can get all of the allopathic "help" I want (which is pretty much none) free from the VA. As per my request, they keep me under observation but, other than that, I will not allow them to apply their knives, chemicals and rays to my body. They told me that unless I allow them to remove my rectum, anus and give me radiation therapy, I will be dead in about a year ago. At least I have them scratching their heads while they are pushing their "cures."

08/13/2003: There hasn't been much to write about for the past several months. Basically, things have been going much the same with the tumor growing slowly while taking cottage cheese and flaxseed oil in a somewhat spotty fashion and Essiac tea with bloodroot tincture three times a day. What seems to have slowed the tumor growth the most have been my weekly sessions with an acupuncturist and friend David Kelly. The tumor has been partially blocking the anus making having bowel movements difficult. By working on pressure points -- mostly in the hands -- that stimulate parastalsis, i have been able to eliminate past the tumor, albeit with considerable pain after each BM. Well, now there is apparently something worth writing about, perhaps even shouting about! A friend was in dire need of a USB keyboard and did not have enough to buy one. So she called me and offered to trade a Champion Juicer for a keyboard. That's probably the fastest I have moved in eons. That was Monday of last week. I went to the local Co-Op and bought a 25 lb. sack of organic carrots, a half dozen red beets and began juicing. This morning, just a little over a week of a quart of carrot juice a day and beet juice as i can stand it (I hate beets!) I went to the bathroom, sat down and had a complete elimination without even stimulating the pressure points! There was a lot of red in the toilet that i thought was blood. Now, I am sure now that it was from the beets. A brief self-exam while in the shower this morning shows that the tumor has actually shrunk a bit. I have had episodes like this several times in the past so, other than a little glimmer of hope for now, will reserve judgment on what is happening. I should perhaps note that the VA has me on morphine Sulphate (SR), 30 mg with 5 mg oxycodone as an adjunct for the pain which has been pretty intense lately. I have noticed that less codine has been required to remain relatively pain-free for the past several days. I have an appointment at the VA this afternoon and will request a more thorough examination. Also, I will be flying to San Diego Monday morning to meet with Vincent at the Center of Natural Oncology and learn about some new protocols.

08/21/2003: That was quick! I returned from San Diego Wednesday evening after being in a ground holding pattern (or whatever they call it) for half an hour. My bags, which were half full when i left, were bulging with stuff with which to fight the cancer. Along with this was a little note from the Transportation Security Administration to let me know that my bag ..."was among those selected for physical inspection." I suspect that this was because of the three ziploc bags of Zeolite that were inside. I remember thinking when I put them into my bag that they would probably look suspicious to the X-ray operator. Premonition or paranoia? several liquids were not in my bag and are being shipped seperately.

What's in the bag? To list a few of the items, there are 100 Artemether 300 mg capsules, Beta 1-3 Glucan, Reishi Spore Extract, Eco-Thymus, Eco Thyro, Calcium D-Glucarate, Phytostatin and a whole bunch of vitamin C, including 7 different mineral ascorbates. I have started on a few so far but will have to sit down and compose a schedule for all of them. Some have to be taken on an empty stomache, others with meals, after meals, with vitamin C, and so on.

Once all of the items are here and I have set up the schedule, it will be posted here. I am feeling pretty good right now and having several good bowel movements a day with moderate obstruction. My weight is down to 150 lbs. and has been holding there since Sunday evening. Ciao for now.

08/22/2003: Not too much change to talk about. I have started much of the new regimen although it has not all arrived. I threw up yesterday about four hours after taking the pills in the morning. It happened right after I drank about 2 oz. of the Essiac. Perhaps it's a sign that I should discontinue it. I am supposed to continue the bloodroot tincture so I'll just have to find something else to take it with to mask its horrid taste. Also, the Flaxseed oil and Cottage Cheese is to be continued.

It's strange to remember that I weighed over 190 lbs. when this whole thing started! Now, at 150 lbs. I have one more adjustment hole left in my belt. Probably have to buy a new one (or a leather punch) if I lose much more.

08/23/2003: As promised, here is a list of the stuff I am taking:
Zeolite ( 1 teaspoon 3 times a day
10 %
Phytic Acid Solutionwith Inositol ( 1 teaspoon 3 times a day
Artemether ( Capsules, 300 mg 1 capsule a day to start
Eco Thyro
(Thyroid Lyophilized Concentrate) 1 capsule in morning
Phytostatin ( 1 capsule in morning, 1 in evening with meals
Beta 1-3 Glucan ( 1 teaspoon twice a day
With vitamin C
Calcium D-Glucarate ("html) 3 capsules 3 times a day
With meals
Eco Thymus
(Thymus Lyophilized Gland Concentrate) 3 capsules 3 times a day
With meals
Reishi Spore Extract ( 2 capsules 3 times a day after meals With Vitamin C
Bloodroot Tincture 6 - 12 Drops 3 Times a day
Find tolerance
Cottage Cheese & Flaxseed Oil 1 teaspoon 3 times a day
beaten/mashed with cottage cheese.
Vitamin C 6 gm 3 times a day
L-Lysine 4 gm 3 Times a day
L-Proline 4 gm 3 Times a day

08/30/2003: After exactly one week on the above protocol, there are a few subtle changes. For one thing, the tumor does not hurt nearly as much. I have not had to use the codine adjunct at all today. Also, there seems to be some swelling of the tumor making it a bit larger and more obstructive. This is likely a result of the new protocol, and a good sign. Why would I call it a "good sign?" Simply because this is a recurring scenario whenever I try a new protocol that seems to have a beneficial effect. I skipped one dose last Wednesday and the swelling went down enabling me to have a few really good BMs that afternoon, even passing what looked to be a piece of the tumor. It may actually have been a large clump of coagulated blood. After resuming the protocol that evening, the swelling increased again. I plan on skipping one inclusive dose per week on Wednesday afternoon.

I should also mention that I am taking 1,350 MG of Cascara Sagrada to offset the constipating effect of the morphine, and 400 MG on Ibupropfen before bedtime to reduce the inflamation which makes it difficult to start the urine stream when I get up at night with a full bladder. It is also said to have a slight anti-cancer effect.

09/12/2003: Not much change other than a slight increase in the rectal pain. My Oncology NP upped my morphine dosage to 30 mg three times a day from 30 mg twice a day as a result. The increased pain may be a good sign or it may be a bad sign. I think it may be the former because the tumor, i think (hope?), seems to be receding a bit. The new regamin is difficult to follow, there is so darned much to take!

It is still difficult starting the urine flow, especially at night.

10/14/2003: I was forced to stop the latest protocol when, after about four weeks, I begin throwing it, or any part of it, up shortly after taking it. Now the tumor is again growing aggressively, my blood pressure has fallen into the vicinity of 105/58 and my body has become dehydrated. My weight has dropped to 139 lbs. as of this morning. Additionally, I now have to wear incontinent briefs because I no longer have much control of the sphincter muscle. I still go to work but do not have enough energy to work for more than a few hours a day. I have entered Pallaitive Care (Hospice) at the local VAMC on an outpatient basis. This does not mean that I have entirely given up, although I have become much less optimistic than before. At this stage, it would seem foolish to not face reality and to prepare for the worst while still hoping for the best. Interestingly enough, the head Palliative Care Dr. seems to have a greater understanding of alternative cancer protocols than the Drs. of Oncology that I have met. She is the first Dr. I have talked to at the VA that is even aware of the study performed at the U of C, Berkeley and Davis campuses, that showed that cancer patients with no treatment at all had a survival rate four times longer than those who received orthodox treatment.