:-) Hands Drama



Hands ... God gave us hands
look at hands, a pleasant facial expression (4 beats) ... FREEZE
Hands ... to create
man bends down and makes an imaginary sand cake (4 beats) and gives it to the girl who receives it happily ... FREEZE
Hands ... to love
man puts one arm around girl's shoulders (4 beats) happy faces ... FREEZE
Hands ... to help
girl falls on knees, man comes forward and helps girl to stand ... FREEZE
Hands ... to give
man bends down and picks 4 flowers (4 beats) and gives them to the girl who receives them happily ... FREEZE
Hands ... to protect
girl hides behind man who comes forward in front of her as to protect ... FREEZE
BUT, our hands we have misused
both move slowly back to standing position while clenching hands into fists and throwing them forward on the word "misused" ... FREEZE
Hands, made to create ...
man bends down to create an imaginary sand cake while the girl looks down at it (face hard)
now destroy
at "now" girl lifts right arm with fist and at "destroy" smashes gift. man goes back astonished ... FREEZE
Hands, made to love
man puts arm around girl's shoulders happily
now hate
at "now" girl brings right arm in front of her and at "hate" swings fist towards man's heart. Man reacts in pain ... FREEZE
Hands, made to help
girl falls on knees
now, reject
at "now" girl puts her arm up to ask for help and at "reject " man refuses and looks, the other way ... FREEZE
Hands, made to give
man bends down to pick flowers and gives them to girl happily. Girl looks down at him while he does this (face hard)
now grab
at "now" girl puts her right arm backwards and at "grab " takes the flowers (1 beat) breaks them (1 beat), throws them on the floor (1 beat) and squashes them underfoot (1 beat) ... FREEZE
Hands, made to protect
girl hides behind man with fear
now let down
at "now" man reaches backwards to the girl's shoulder and at "let down" pushes her to her knees on the floor.
man goes down on one knee beside her, facing away from the girl... FREEZE
But GOD reached out His loving hands to a destructive world. He picked up His fallen creation and placed His hands around them.
Jesus turns around and walks forward touching the people on the shoulders and raising them to their feet. Jesus arms rest around the people's shoulders.
But they made Him a captive ... and nailed Him to the cross
people turn around abruptly grabbing Jesus by the arms, then both bend to pick up a rock and pound His hands 3 time at the guitar beats ... FREEZE
And they mocked Him
people turn away from Jesus mocking and rejecting Him ... FREEZE
And then Jesus, God's only son died
Jesus dies and kneels down
But Jesus didn't remain on the cross. He rose and lives!
Jesus stands
Now He walks through our streets stretching out His loving hands to all who will come to Him
Jesus comes forward with arms stretched open. He puts one hand in front of the person on left and one in front of person on right. People come to life excitedly examining His scarred hands.
What will you do? Will you come to Him and put your hand in His?
person on left looks into Jesus' face and puts her hand in Jesus' hand
or will you reject Him?
person on right looks into Jesus face and then rejects Jesus' hand. Person turns back on audience and puts head down.
The choice is yours!!!
Jesus steps forward with arms open to the audience as an invitation. Person on left stays back, but also opens arms as an invitation to the audience.

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Last changed: Saturday 12 August 1995