:-) Heart Drama




Girl enters holding red heart to her chest. She is contented and joyful.
Photographer approaches taking photos. He sees Girl and approaches her with a fashion magazine, offering her fame and popularity. Girl agrees. "BUT FIRST, YOUR HEART" is mimed. Girl exchanges her heart for fame. Photographer shows Girl the pose he wants her to give, then helps as she tries to copy him. Just as he is about to take the photo, she sneezes, ruining the photo. He decides to try again, and rearranges her pose. Girl is distracted by a fly just as he is taking the photo. Upset, Photographer crumples the heart and thrusts it onto the floor at Girl's feet.

Girl uncrumples her heart, feeling rejected.

Guitarist comes on playing rocking music. Girl hears and wants to try to play. She asks to try the guitar. Guitarist mimes, "BUT FIRST, YOUR HEART." Remembering her previous hurt, she declines. Guitarist starts playing again. She is tempted and asks him again if she can play. Again he mimes, "BUT FIRST, YOUR HEART. She agrees hesitantly. Guitarist guides Girl to chair where he gives her the guitar and positions her fingers, showing her how to strum. She strums beautifully at first, to his satisfaction, but then plays wildly, making a dreadful noise. Angry, Guitarist stops her playing and shows her the right way again. Again, she plays well at first, but gets wild and noisy after a couple of strums. Guitarist stops her playing and pulls out her heart. He shows it to the audiences and then crumples it before her eyes and throws it to the ground. Guitarist grabs his guitar out of her hands and stomps off the stage.

Girl uncrumples her heart, very sadly.

Basketball Star
Basketball star enters bouncing an imaginary basketball (sound effects should be coordinated with the movement of bouncing the ball). Girl is overwhelmed with curiosity. She taps the Basketball star on the shoulder and asks to try bouncing the ball. He mimes, "BUT FIRST, YOUR HEART." Girl declines. Basketball star continues to bounce his ball. Again, eager to play, Girl approaches the Star and asks for ball. He repeats his request for the heart. Girl stops to ponder whether she should give it or not, and Star loses patience and starts to leave her alone. Quickly, she makes up her mind and chases him, offering the heart. Player gives her the ball and demonstrates how she should bounce it. On first try, she just drops the ball and it rolls away. She quickly retrieves it. On second try, she bounces it too hard and it flies into the audience. Star whistles for the ball to be thrown back to him and catches it. He demonstrates again showing her fancy under-the-leg moves. On third try, Girl bounces ball, then tries the under-the-leg trick. Ball sails out of control through a window (sound effects). Angry and disgusted, Star crumples heart, throws it on the ground and stomps on heart.

Girl uncrumples her heart, sad and broken.

Romeo with flower walks up to a table and begins to groom himself as in a mirror. When he thinks he looks really good, he puts a flower in his lapel and goes out. As he walks along, he sees Girl and falls instantly in love. He approaches her, offering the flower. As she goes to take it, he pulls it away, demanding her heart first. After her painful experiences, she immediately and flatly refuses. Dumbfounded, Romeo stumbles backward and tries to think of another approach. He comes to her again, this time smelling the flower deeply. She is tempted and goes to sniff and take the flower, but he pulls it from her grasp before she can get it. Again he mimes, "BUT FIRST, YOUR HEART." Again, with great force, she rejects him. Again he stumbles back, unable to understand the rejection. The last time, he approaches her with flower in hand and falls on one knee at her feet. With this gesture, Girl's resolve melts and she goes to take the flower. Again he pulls it away, asking for the heart first. After brief consideration, she agrees and they exchange heart for flower. Romeo escorts Girl to a restaurant table and orders two drinks for them. As they drink and talk, Flirt walks across the stag. Romeo follows her with his whole attention. Girl notices and slaps his leg sharply. Romeo repents of his lapse of attention and again pays attention to Girl. Flirt walks back across the stage dropping her shawl just in front of Romeo. He jumps up, picks up the shawl and runs after her. Telling Flirt to wait for him, Romeo goes back to Girl, who waits at the table shocked and hurt. He takes out the heart and very deliberately tears it into pieces. He then drops it to the ground, grabs the flower from her hand and leaves with Flirt on his arm.

Girl alone with her broken heart sinks to the floor on her knees, examining the pieces in despair. Crying, she suddenly gets the idea of suicide. Taking the knife off the table, she very slowly and deliberately takes it in both hands and positions it above her head ready to strike her dead. Just as she is about to make the final thrust, Jesus' hand intercepts. Her hands slip from the knife and she crumbles down in deep sadness. Jesus touches her shoulder, pointing to the shattered heart. She shows him that it is broken and goes back to her crying. He kneels down and again asks her to give him her heart. Not understanding why he would want the broken heart, she gives it to him and returns to her crying. He produces a new heart (with cross on it) and gives it to her in return. She looks at it in disbelief, which quickly turns to joy and amazement. Both stand to their feet and Girl follows Jesus off the stage.

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