:-) Light and Darkness Mime


Light - all in white
Compassionate and longing expression. Hands extended partially towards heathen (right hand more extended than left), throughout Part 1, 2 and 3. Light is continually reaching out to Heathen, stretching forth her hands and bringing them closer to herself as if saying, "Please, come".
Darkness- all in black
Darkness Wicked and diabolical expression. Continuous motion with hands. You want to give the appearance of having a continual spiritual influence over Heathen. Very exaggerated. You don't really walk around, but slightly jump around (as if casting spells). This continues in all three parts though your influence becomes more and more intense as you see heathen getting closer to Light.
Heathen - white shirt with black shirt over top
Just an ordinary character.


The mime is split into three segments:

  1. Heathen with alcohol
  2. Heathen with riches
  3. Heathen with drugs
In between these segments are the struggles between Light and Darkness


Light: Do not hold hand - place it on your palm.
Darkness: Hold hand tightly, but do not pull.


Part 1

Music starts.

Heathen takes 4 steps forward (with the rhythm of the music), with a bottle in hand. (Light and Darkness go into their regular motions) Heathen takes a drink and expresses satisfaction. She takes another drink and wipes mouth on sleeve (optional). Then putting the bottle up for a third time, Heathen realizes that this drinking is doing to her family, job, etc. Shows this expression - This is ruining my life, oh God, you have to help me." Grabs bottle with both hands and crashes it to the ground and stays on her knees (in great struggle).

Darkness falls to his knees at the same time as heathen, but is immediately up increasing his spiritual influence. Light begins to move to Heathen. Heathen keeps head down, bringing it up only once to show expression of despair (have hands to head as if in pain).

Light comes over, puts right hand on Heathen's shoulder, kneels beside her, and lifts Heathen's head with her hand at her chin. Expressing - "Please come with me, I can help you."

Heathen puts right hand into Light's left hand.

Darkness during this time, is trying to break any communication between Light and Heathen. Very intense.

Heathen rises, being helped by Light and takes two steps backwards (DO NOT move to the side, as that will take the skit off centre). Heathen's expression is one of wonder and curiosity.

After the two steps

Darkness taps Heathen on the shoulder with right hand expressing, "Come with me. I've got some interesting things for you." He takes hold of Heathen's left hand.

Heathen is being pulled back and forth (about three times) between Light and Darkness. (Heathen does all movements, Light and Darkness do not do any pulling.)

During struggle

Heathen expresses curiosity towards Light, and temptation towards Darkness. Heathen decides to follow Darkness and takes two steps to the left.

Part 2

Darkness pulls out fur coat and puts it on Heathen.

Heathen admires the coat as if looking in a mirror.

Darkness pulls out a wad of money and dramatically counts it out and puts it on Heathen's left palm. As Heathen is admiring it, Darkness pulls out a bill of great monetary value.

Heathen grabs at it greedily and puts it on the stack. Heathen then takes two steps forward, admiring the money. Heathen begins to pay out the money, bill by bill, and suddenly, it is all gone. Heathen realises that all is gone and it has not been of any benefit. Heathen realises that money is not the answer and falls to the ground in distress.

(Struggle between Light and Darkness is enacted again as in Part 1.)

Part 3

Darkness pulls out some marijuana and mimes making a cigarette. He rolls it, puts it in his mouth, lights it and takes a deep puff. He then passes it to Heathen encouragingly.

Heathen innocent and curious, takes a long puff and signals approval to Darkness. Heathen moves back to centre stage. After another puff, Heathen drops to a kneeling position and admires the cigarette. Suddenly, he is gripped by pain and realises that this is not the answer. With hopelessness and despair, Heathen throws the cigarette away. Comes up once to show desperate expression.

Darkness is desperate, too, realising that Heathen might really decide to follow light. Darkness actions are very intense.

(Struggle between Light and Darkness is enacted again as in Part 1.)

At the end of the struggle Darkness grabs Heathen by the arm and pulls him to his side. Heathen realises that he doesn't want to go with Darkness and pushes him down to the ground.

(It is important that Darkness keeps his face to the audience to that they can see his defeated expression.)

Heathen turns to Light who guides him to his knees. Then as Heathen bows in submission to God, he takes off the black shirt, exposing the white one underneath. Heathen throws the black shirt at the Darkness.

Light guides Heathen's hands up to God. As they freeze in these positions, John 8:12 is read.

John 8:12 When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."

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