:-) Running Man Drama



Scene 1:
In the beginning, there was God.
God created the Heavens and the Earth.
On Earth, God said, "Let there be light." and there was light.
God created the trees and all the vegetation of the land.
He created the moon and the stars in the sky.
He made the fish in the sea and the birds of the air.
And all the living creatures of the land.
And God saw that it was good.
Then God created man in His own image.
He formed man from the dust of the ground.
And breathed life into man, and man became a living being.
God blessed man and showed man all that he had created.
God and man had fellowship.
The God showed man a door and told him never to go through that door.
But man was tempted and wondered what was behind it.
So he opened the door and went in.
Scene 2:
Behind the door, man saw people having a wild party.
One came up to him and offered him a cigarette.
Man was intrigued and tried it.
He took a few puffs ... But ended up coughing.
A drunken man then offered him a beer.
Man took it and drank but threw up instead.
The people around him laughed and jeered.
Man did not like the place and left.
Scene 3:
Soon, He came to another door and went in.
Inside, He saw high achievers studying hard and comparing notes.
The people looked up, saw him and asked why he wasn't studying.
So man joined in and tried to study as much as them.
But he couldn't because all they did was study.
They did not sleep ... or play ... (pause)
Man found he could not live like that.
Knowledge alone could not satisfy him.
Man left and started searching for yet another door.
Scene 4:
He saw a new door and entered.
This time, he came across people gambling at the Mahjong (or Blackjack, etc.) table.
Man watched for a while and saw that some people were winning.
Curious, he asked if he could join in.
Before long, man too was winning money.
Man was very happy.
But, his winning streak soon came to an end.
Game after game, man lost.
And soon after all his money was gone.
So man left the place, broke.
He began searching again.
Scene 5:
He found a door and discovered that it opened up to the Olympics!
A gymnastics coach came up to him and saw that he was strong and fit.
He showed man what to do.
At first, Man failed miserably...
But coach gave man drugs.
Man tried again.
This time, man was successful and won the gold medal.
Man had found fame and glory at last.
But people soon forgot him and man was alone once more.
Dejected, he left the place and began searching once more.
Scene 6:
Then man found a new door
Cautiously, man peeped in.
He saw a beautiful lady and fell head over heels in love with her.
He wanted to give her everything ... flowers, presents but most of all a wedding ring...
Man declared his undying love for the beautiful lady.
But meanwhile, the Lady saw a new handsome guy and left the man for the new Guy.
Man was devastated and ended up with a broken heart!
So he left the unhappy place in search for that illusive door to happiness.
Scene 7:
Soon he came to another door and went in.
Here, he saw some people worshipping.
He wondered what they were doing, lifting their hands up and down.
He watched for a while and decided to join in.
He worshipped, and worshipped, and worshipped.
He found no meaning to it, and so he decided to call out to whoever they were worshipping.
But he received no answer.
So he didn't want to continue and left the place.
Scene 8:
Man started thinking of all the doors that he had tried.
He thought of smoking, but only ended up choking.
Drinking... but ended up vomiting.
He thought of studying all day, but shuddered at the thought.
He remember gambling but lost all his money.
He recalled fame and glory, that was short lived and empty.
He thought of relationship but was hurt.
Religion... but received no answer
So man fell, despaired and lost all hope...
Scene 9:
God saw and reached out to man.
But man, blinded by his burdens, hurts and sins crucified the Lord.
He mocked and laughed at him.
But on the third day, God rose and broke the chains of death.
Once again, he reached out in love to man to save him.
Man realised that God was a God of love and mercy.
He repented and turned back to God his creator.
God restored man and once again, God and man had fellowship.
Together they walked through the door.
Man locked it and gave the key to God, never to turn back.

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