:-) Simple Heart Drama



Boy walks onto the stage, kicking at nothing and looking bored and discouraged. Suddenly, he hears something and puts his hand to ear, listening. He decided that he heard nothing and continues to walk. Again he hears the noise. This time he puts his hand to his ear and looks up to God. He points up to God, outlines his heart on his chest and points up to God again, looking up with unbelief. After a moment of thought, he decides to give his heart to God. He pulls the beating heart from his chest and is about to lift it to God when...

Girl walks onto the stage and over to Boy in a very 'interested' manner and taps him on the shoulder. Seeing Girl, Boy quickly brings the heart back to his chest where he fights to keep it under control. Girl outlines heart and indicates that Boy should give it to her. Boy still struggling to keep his heart under control, refuses shyly. Girl outlines his heart and again indicates that he should give it to her. After a bit of thought, he decides he will and carefully places the heart into her hands.

Girl strokes heart a few times and then tosses it gently into the air a couple of times, catching it again with ease. Boy gets a little concerned to see his heart being treated so lightly. Girl then throws the heart over her head catching it again in the other hand. She repeats this action, getting more reckless each time. Boy chases after his heart frantically fearing that she might not catch it. Finally, she throws the heart, but fails to catch it and it falls to the ground. Girl stomps on it with her foot and with a look of victory and indifference, walks off the stage.

Boy is crushed. He falls to his knees and examines the broken heart. He picks up the pieces and shakes them once or twice, but the heart is not beating. Suddenly, he hears God calling to him again. Boy looks up questioningly as if unsure that God would really want a broken heart. Then, he raises it up to God and releases it into his care. Now, Boy suddenly experiences joy and contentment with life. His despair has disappeared, and he is truly happy.

Girl comes back on stage and decides to try to get his heart again. She walks over to him with a flirty look and taps him on the shoulder. He looks away, not wanting anything to do with her. She tries again to get his attention and to ask for his heart. Boy refuses, indicating that he has given his heart to God. She asks once again and again he refuses, but this time he suggests that she give her heart to God. Quickly she shakes her head and turns to walk away. Then Girl hears something and puts her hand to her hear to listen. She points to God, outlines her heart and looks at Boy, who gives her a reassuring look. Girl takes out her beating heart and gives it up to God. She experiences great joy. Both join hands to leave together, but suddenly stop, indicating that they have an idea. Simultaneously, Boy and Girl point to the audience, outline a heart and lift their hands to God, indicating that the audience should give their lives to God, too.

Lights go out and the mime is over.

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