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NSW Department of Lands have a web site similar to Google’s Maps that show topographic features of large areas of NSW. The sites logo is shown above and the site is called Spatial Information eXchange, (SIX). Users can quickly access areas of interest by using the “quick links”. Simply click on the appropriate link, enter the searches details, and then the SIX Viewer will open and automatically zoom into your area of interest. A special feature is that you can view large areas of Sydney and parts of Penrith as they looked in 1943. The overlay allows you to switch between 2006 to 1943.

The Web Site is ….. www.six.nsw.gov.au.

The web site requires that you use Windows Explorer and the SIX viewer needs a plug-in. Once on the web site click on
SIX Viewer located near the top left side of the web page. If you don't have the SIX viewer plug-in, the site prompts for you to download and install the plug in. On the viewer page click….
Take a tour of the SIX Viewer [Play Now], which give some quick instructions on using (SIX).

The following are quick instructions on using the SIX Viewer.

(Sample only, will open in colour by default).

  1. Select [Suburb].

  2. Enter Suburb name.
    Click on one of the selected options.

  3. Move the cursor until you get double ended arrows. Hold the left mouse button down and drag the display options up.

  4. Uncheck the [Best Available] box.

  5. Uncheck the [Sydney Aerial Photos High Resolution] box.

  6. Place a check in
    [1943 Sydney Suburb]

       7.  Left click the Hand Icon.

        8.  Move to the map screen hold
            down the left mouse button and
             move the screen to a new

        9.Clicking the magnifier glass and
            moving onto the map screen
            you can zoom in closer.

          Hold down the left mouse button          and drag the mouse towards you            will zooms-in, pushing the mouse          forward zooms-out.

10. Clicking the...
[Sydney Aerial Photos High
box on. Will overlay the 1943 map.

11. Switch between 1943 and [Sydney Aerial Photos High Resolution] box to see the changes.

12. Ensure that the [Best Available] box is unchecked .

Having both the
[Sydney Aerial Photos High Resolution] (13) and.....
[1943 Sydney Suburb] (14) boxes checked you can move the slider (15) to show a transparent under and overlay.

Moving the Display Images slider down and clicking...

(16) [Sydney region road directory] displays a standard road map,

(17) is a selection option. Left clicking this option and moving to the map area you can select an area by dragging a selection box that zooms to that selection. Works in all modes,
[Sydney Aerial Photos High Resolution],

[1943 Sydney Suburb] and [Sydney region road directory].

In the [1943 Sydney Suburb] option the display is limited to a narrow corridor west of Blacktown. 

Some country towns and larger coastal towns were aerial photographed back in 1943.

                    SIX_map, web instruction by Tom Lehane 2007